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Ever since it's premiere on September 15th, American Assassin has been killing it at the box office and with fans, earning a solid $14.8 million from it's opening weekend alone, just 13 mil behind The Bourne Identity. Which is pretty great for this $33 million film, especially considering it’s a bigger debut than John Wick had in 2014.

The film is based on the best selling novel by the late Vince Flynn, Directed by Michael Cuesta and stars Dylan O'Brien and Michael Keaton. American Assassin is the first book in the Mitch Rapp series.

Even before it's release, American Assassin received numerous good reviews from critics at the early screenings of the film, and now more good reviews are just pouring in. Most of them say this movie is the start of a new era in action films. They are right. After scrolling through the hashtag on Twitter, it would seem the general movie going audience loves the film, the acting, the pairing of O'Brien and Keaton and the ending.

When the film was in production, book fans were made aware that the movie's main story line would be completely different from that of the novel, while still including key plot points from the . You would think fans would be disappointed by that. You'd think.

We know what critics think, we know what the audience thinks, now it's time to see what fans think.

"I thought it was an immense edge of your seat movie, it didn't let up one bit. I also thought the casting was amazing and I liked how they kept the premise of the movie but changed it to make it more current. So all in all an excellent movie and a must see!" - Victoria, @cully7

Apart from having a completely enthralling storyline, another thing that really grabs your attention is the characters themselves, and the amazing acting from the entire cast.

"American Assassin – if I have to describe it in one word – masterpiece! The action, the fight choreography, the music during the scenes, the actors and the characters they play… This movie is just so good. Everything is captivating, especially the acting! We all know Michael Keaton is a legend but c’mon – Dylan O’Brien was phenomenal. I mean, he totally owns the role of Mitch and definitely owns the movie itself!" - Kali, @kaligg8

"A smart, slick and very violent thriller that's reminiscent of 'Homeland.' Dylan O'Brien's Mitch Rapp is primal, furious and angst-ridden. His performance is flawless." - Jen, @Goingnocturnal1

One of the best things about this adaptation is that it not only surprises film fanatics, but book fans as well. Since the movie's plot is a whole new story, it gives the element of surprise even to people who have read the books, because even they don't know what will come next.

It's safe to say fans are thrilled with how well the story of Mitch Rapp was interpreted on screen.

Here's what the biggest fan of the Mitch Rapp books in the world thought of the film. More accurately, of the casting.

Many great film characters came from the pages of books, American Assassin is the birth of the newest spy hero in the world of cinema, Mitch Rapp. Not to mention the birth of the next great action star.

Most of the time a book adaptation will either disappoint movie fans or book fans, but that's not the case with American Assassin. This film has successfully managed to bridge the gap between the two by being both a terrific action film on its own and a great book to film adaptation. Dylan O'brien has already been contracted for 3 more films, and since the movie is doing so well it's highly likely that this series will be made into a franchise, so if we're lucky American Assassin will be getting a sequel.

You haven't seen the last of Mitch Rapp.

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