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One of the most satisfying feelings when playing Hearthstone is playing some obscure deck and pulling off crazy combos. Yes, consistency might be the key to climbing the ladder and ranking up to Legend, but it can't really compete with the fun of dealing 20 damage in one turn with a Leeroy + Power Overwhelming + Faceless Manipulator combo.

There's literally thousands of mind-boggling combos in , but most of them only happen once in every full moon when certain unplayed or unappreciated cards come together in an arena run or a troll deck. Because in the game's current meta game, there isn't very much room for decks that relies on a very few cards to win as Blizzard nerfed most of them into oblivion.

Most Trolling Hearthstone Combos Ever

In hasn't always been like that though. In the three and a half years Hearthstone has existed, we've seen a myriad of different combo decks that have successfully competed and even dominated the ladder. Some did so only for a couple of months, while others were competitive stables for years until Blizzard's developers tuned them down.

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We're gonna take a closer look at those. Because even though combo decks can be infuriating to play against, they are mostly fun, and we kind of miss their surprise factor when playing ranked today. Now predictability dominates the meta game, so let's reminisce the time when things were a little less... balanced.

The Grim Patron Warrior

How it worked: This deck had so many ridiculous combos and synergies it was very common for players to "rope out" before they were finished doing tricks and creating patrons. Back in the day, the Warsong Commander's special ability used to be "Whenever you summon a minion with 3 or less Attack, give it Charge," which made the deck extremely powerful and hard to counter.

The trading spam of charging, multiplying Grim Patrons would essentially make room for a huge Froothing Berserker that'd close the game with massive damage to the opponent.

Freeze Mage

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

How it worked: This combo deck has been falling in and out of grace since the days of beta, but today it's more of a niche deck than anything. It was at it's peak when Mad Scientist was playable, but the healing power of Reno Jackson, among others, has taken a heavy toll on its ability to compete, since it's so dependant on exact burst.

The combo; survive until turn 9 through freeze and Ice Block, build your hand and find Alextrasza, let her roast the enemy to 15 hp and kill them through spells the next turn.

The Force + Roar Druid

How it worked: The burst potential of the old Force of Nature and Savage Roar guaranteed this deck a top spot on the ladder for more than two years. Today, the nerf to Force of Nature and Ancient of Lore, has made the deck obsolete, though the two cards are still played together in token heavy Druid decks.

Essentially, it was all about establishing control of the board through clears and solid minions, using Druid's tempo-distorting cards like Innervate and Wild Growth. Maintain control until you got you combo in hand; Force of Nature + Savage Roar equaled 14 damage, while Force of Natuee + Savage Roar + Innervate + Savage Roar equaled 22 damage. Ouch!

The Original Miracle Rogue

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

How it worked: Though other incarnations of the miracle rogue is played today, the original (not counting the ridiculously overpowered beta version) form of the deck featured a 26 damage in one turn combo. The deck revolved around the draw from (at the time 5 mana costed) Gadgetzan Auctioneer, cheap spells and Preparation.

The goal was to draw into Leeroy Jenkins, double Shadowstep and a Cold Blood or two to straight up execute you opponent. Which you generally would since the draw-power of the deck was insane as long as you protected your Auctioneer with Conceal. It also had the pre-nerfed version of Blade Flurry, which in conjunction with Deadly Poision worked as the game's most versatile board clear.

One Turn Kill Worgen Warrior

[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]
[Credit: Blizzard Entertainment]

How it worked: This was the most recent crazy combo in the game. With the release of the Whispers of the Old Gods expansions, the deck got two new, powerful enablers (Raging Ghoul and Blood to Ichor) for the Ragings Worgen's enrage, which made the deck pretty consistent in unleashing its very lethal combo.

It basically revolved around stalling the game until you gathered all the cards for needed to buff the Raging Worgen. With all the buffs in the deck (Charge, Inner Rage, Cruel Taskmaster and Rampage) the combo dealt a total of 26 damage in one turn of charge, which, combined with whatever face damage dealt earlier, would end most games.

More Ridiculousness In The Early Days

These five combo decks seem pretty moderate if you compare then to what we saw in the very early stages of Hearthstone though. Things were especially unbalanced during the beta testing, where the earliest version of miracle rogue dominated with a stealthed Edwin VanCleef, and an insane Hero Power that would buff your weapon if you didn't spend the durability.

This was also the time when freeze mages were nearly indestructible because Cone of Cold, Blizzard and Frost Nova were one mana cheaper and hunters drew a full hand in turn 3 with the combination of a two mana-costed Unleash the Hounds and Starving Buzzard.

Those were the days!

What's the most ridiculous combo deck in Hearthstone in your opinion?

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