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Our beloved was at the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend. While there to promote her Tonya Harding film she leads in I, Tonya. Robbie was asked by The Wrap about when she’ll be returning to the role of Harley Quinn. She stated “I think next year I’ll be back in the fishnets wielding a baseball bat, I hope.” The Wrap and the rest of us are wandering what film it will be though, , or perhaps this supposed /Harley Quinn film. Robbie simply stated “your guess is as good as mine at this point. I don’t know.”

It is comforting to know that Robbie would love to return to the role amidst negative rumors and press of another actor within the . Gotham City Sirens could be possible given it was the first project to be recognized, has a writer and director already in place. Suicide Squad 2 could be possible, but it was only recently announced to have a director and writer in the form of Gavin O’Connor. WB has been having some issues securing a line-up for the film. If is expected back for the film, Will Smith is packed for the three quarters of next year. Shooting Suicide Squad 2 may start late. We are hoping this time the script will not be rushed unlike the six weeks Ayer was granted by WB. Therefore, this hang up with Will Smith does give a credible amount of time. Plenty of other things are on O’Connor’s plate though, including an already announced sequel to The Accountant and a reboot of The Green Hornet with Paramount Pictures. Neither film has a set date yet as far as we can tell. Granted, The Accountant was a success for WB, they may be willing to sit on that and prefer a sequel for Suicide Squad as a priority for O'Connor. The Joker/Harley Quinn movie is nothing more but rumor right now, with a director/writer team pitching it. All possible projects are still early on in some degree or another. In the end, it all depends on WB and what they want for the DCEU.


What film would you like to see Harley Quinn return in?

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