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What Once Was Is No More

As a kid, I used to play the crap out of Battlefront 2 (2005) on the 2. I'd invite my friends over and we'd connect two controllers to play split-screen multiplayer with bots. If I were to be alone, I'd jump over to the campaign or the Galactic Conquest mode, which is similar to Risk, the strategy board game. The amount of settings we'd find to play around with are astonishing for a game that is more than 10 years old. With the release of the new (2015) I've found nothing but disappointment in an overhyped game title that was supposed to revive the video games saga, but did nothing more than wasting my money. You'd think that 10 years later, would've at least honored the work that Pandemic Studios had put into their games, but unfortunately it's missing many of its core features. Besides the amazing graphics and fun gameplay, it fails to deliver a good experience because of its lack of content and missing Single-Player campaign.

How To Make $2 Billion Dollars A Year

It's clear to us that Electronic Arts has finally settled on a business model that aims at taking the most money they can out of consumers with putting the least effort into their titles, throughout cosmetic weapons and character skins. We've already seen this happening in both 4 and 1 . Though we can't blame EA for trying to make money (after all, that's what businesses are supposed to do), we can at least ask for a better game. While it's true, a lot of content has been added since the game's release, it's just simply not enough. Having bought every bit of additional content there is to buy in Battlefront, it still doesn't reach the $60 dollar price point that the game was initially set to. There is simply not enough to do. There are few gamemodes, of which only some are entertaining and unique, and since there is no single-player campaign, one must accommodate to replay the same repetitive matches over and over. With all this said...

How Can The Franchise Improve

We all know how milkable Star Wars is, we've recently seen what Disney plans to do with the franchise, and it's looking good. A whole lotta movies coming in the next few years, and that for us fans is such great news. Battlefront 2 is one hell of an opportunity to revive the Star Wars gaming experience we all miss. There are some core elements that the game must have in order to succeed.

  • A Single-Player campaign:

What's most beautiful about Star Wars, besides its stunning special effects, is its story. A good campaign would kill it, and we all know it, we are just waiting for it EA. Listen to your customers for once.

  • A deeper level of customization:

Battlefront is as customizable as a pear. So it would be nice to add a few layers of customizations besides those weapon skins you are constantly rolling out.


I feel so weird complaining about a Star Wars game not having enough stars, but I am definitely not the only one. In the old days you could jump from ship to ship (in fact a whole map was a starship) so, Why can't we now?

  • Virtual Reality:

Ok, so this isn't a particularly necessary addition, but we've already seen what DICE can do with VR and now we want more. Flying through space with an X-Wing was one of the best visual experiences that I've had in my entire life, if DICE can project that same feeling into a full game, count me in.

Pray For The Best

Now all we can do is sit and hope for EA to listen to our request for a better game. After all, we are their main income.

On a side note, we can have a little fun about the issue. I don't usually recomment Smosh videos, but this is one of the good ones. Enjoy.

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