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My entire life has been about video games. My passion, my love, my hobby and I hope one day my job too.

After a very bad year, , the creators of , and , are shutting down 5 game studios in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China, and Turkey, leaving only 2 remaining: Frankfurt and Kiev.

What Crytek stated in a press release is that they are looking to "refocus on its core strengths of developing innovative games and game-development technology"

This decisions come as no surprise since just last week they were having trouble paying employees. There have been reports of the developer basically going out of money with employees going unpaid for months. The drama started with a reddit post by user CrytekThrowaway, who claims to be a Crytek employee. In this post he says that some of the employees haven't been paid for almost 6 months:

"The last time this happened we were told it would be the last time and yet it is happening again. Many of my co-workers moved from out of the country to work here and are unable to leave because they cannot afford to get back home due to their wages being withheld for so long.

People are afraid to speak out because we are continuously told “Thank you for your continued efforts through this difficult time” and “You don’t understand because you don’t see the whole picture like we do— wages are coming soon.”"

But this is not it, according to an employee who remains anonymous, things had been relatively stable financially up until around June of this year, at which time, employees at the Crytek Frankfurt office discovered they were not going to be paid on time. At the time, Crytek’s upper management assured employees that all financial problems would be worked out by August and that there would be enough money to remain stable for at least 18 months. It also appears that their co-founder, Cevat Yerli, hasn't been in the office for months, which is never a good sign.

Crytek has become a non-profitable business due to their poor decisions: instead of focusing on larger titles such as Crysis and TimeSplitters, they have switched over to Free To Play and Virtual Reality titles.

At this point we can only hope that the company gets back on track to build those experiences many of us enjoyed.

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