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Paul Feig is a visionary. He also wears the finest suits as do Sam Raimi and Christopher Nolan. But aside from that, the renowned actor, director, writer and producer of so many projects brought into creation. From the cult classic Freaks and Geeks, Other Space and films like Bridesmaids, Spy, and he Heat has been at the forefront of bringing wonderful stories to life and charming the masses with hilarious and compelling female characters. In recent years, Feig's mantra has been to be a part of projects starring great female leads. In a glowing Hollywood Reporter 2016 testimonial article by Tatiana Siegel, Fieg states

I am very late to the Ghostbusters train. ( Cue the boos and Are you kidding me?) I was aware the the legendary hit theme song by Ray Parker Jr. So there is hope for me. When rumors of a reboot film was in the works, I was very intrigued especially since the cast was going to be all women and the cast involved (mostly) made their marks on that sketch comedy show called Saturday Night Live. Apparently it’s been around since 1975 so I guess that’s awesome! I managed to watch the sequel from the 80’s then saw the reboot and then track down the original film on VHS. IT WAS WILD. I loved it all. The Bill Murray of it all, the by the book nature of Dan Aykryod, the preciseness of Harold Riamis (RIP), the chill and just go with it demeanor of Ernie Hudson and the wonderfully talented Sigourney Weaver who holds her own in any role. After Aliens, her sky is limitless. I could see why after such great action, writing and humor, this franchise has lasted over 30 years.

Enter Kristen Wiig (SNL, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Bridesmaids, Despicable Me II) who rocks it as physicist extraordinaire Dr. Erin Gilbert. She is smart, driven, quirky and sports old fashioned clothing like a boss. She has a compelling backstory but in the meantime she wants to be a respected scientist but her original calling as a paranormal enthusiast keeps calling her back. She is trying to accept who she is and wants to be. Luckily she has her overly persistent BFF ish to keep her on track.

Melissa McCarthy (The Heat, Gilmore Girls, Tammy, Identity Thief, Mike and Molly) is Dr. Abigail Yates is determined and just wants a justified wonton soup. She loves what she does and is unwavering by the ridicule and naysayers of the world. We see the proof in the inventions concocted. She is childhood friends with Gilbert and that friendship is tested when ghosts come a knocking.

Leslie Jones has blown the SNL doors and reached the apex at her time in Saturday Night Live. She is fearless to the point she talks down Kylo Ren without a care in the world. Her confidence is her greatest strength on SNL and it shows as she portrays Patty Tolan, an MTA worker in NYC turned ghostbuster after an encounter with....I forget the name……….. While the other 3 have a strong science background, Tolan has resourcefulness and insight that makes the team truly fantastic for a group of four.

Kate freaking McKinnon. She was born into this world to be the queen of quirks and comedy from Ellen, Hilary Clinton, Tilda Swinton and ET freaking C. I love her so much as Jillian Holtzman. I wish we went to high school together. She is unfiltered in weird and knows, breathes and loves the paranormal and you can tell that her meeting Yates has truly been life changing. I get the sense that Holtzman has spent her life being made fun of for being different and smart, and otherworldly and thinking and dreaming and doing beyond the box and she stood tall and said whatever. I will embrace.

Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Huntsman: Winter’s War, Star Trek, Red Dawn) is Kevin. What a way to twist the stereotypical secretary on its head. Hemsworth is gold. Kevin means well but just…. well dim witted to the point of laughing non stop. Needs to be seen to be believed.

I love that this film was made. I love that most of the original actors made cameos, the epic theme song made an appearance (thank the maker!) There were some variations of the theme song which were great but one was downright unnecessary and I am surprised that one went viral with no fallout.. This film pays a beautiful homage to the classic with ease. It was smart to bring in an all female cast. It was moving to see women being super heroic and funny and smart and diving into the world of science to save the world. Pioneers for selflessness and change. I hope Paul Feig is proud of this film for all time. This film is so underrated. First of all I recommend reading Paul Fieg’s interview for the Hollywood Reporter. I was heartbroken that this film was berated by many fans and critics and it took a nosedive at the box office. I was saddened by the backlash at the casting, trailers and especially Leslie Jones. But through the dark, love and support arises and that ending of the film says just that. This film like Alice Through the Looking Glass is going to inspire young girls and women to be brave, strong, take charge and dream big and move mountains and spark the inner strength that they can be the gamechangers, the quirky ones, the geeks to rock the world to a new frontier. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WERE A PART OF THIS FILM. And thank you Paul Feig for what you have done with your career and your will to change how we perceive what defines a lead.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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