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Super Important Movie Reviews By Some Guy

Hey, I got an idea! Let’s take the two most popular actors in Hollywood, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence (For some reason) and put them in a movie with little or nothing to do. They are so popular; the film will sell itself. What’s that? You are giving me a budget of $100 million dollars? 110 Million And that’s your final offer? Sure, but now that we paid Jennifer Lawrence, we need money to pay everyone else and actually make the movie. I’m about 59% sure what’s actually happened when I watched the trailer for Passengers. It really felt like they were hoping they could sell a movie on the popularity of their two leads and nothing else. The film looked like an interesting idea but there wasn’t much else to sell you. I do like Chris Pratt and I am genuinely annoyed by Jennifer Lawrence so it will be interesting if I can find some middle ground of entertainment with this film.

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