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I've watched almost every movie Which are worth watching, Except for some classic ones.

There’s more to Indian cinema than the "typical Bollywood films". I usually don't prefer to write about Bollywood films, However, there are a few magnificent Indian films that didn’t have the markings of a mainstream Bollywood movie and I bet most of you haven’t ever heard of them.

So here's a list I prepared of movies which you can watch.


Director Vikramaditya, After making very acclaimed movies - Udaan and Lootera. Trapped is a survival drama that stars the National Award winning actor Rajkumar Rao in the lead role where the protagonist of the film gets trapped in a Mumbai apartment for 25 days.


Autohead is a 'mockumentary' on the daily life of an auto driver. The angst and the sexual repression of the subject makes him a threat for others around him. Battling his own demons, the auto driver soon turns vehemently violent and the film takes an unexpected turn.

Brahman Naman

Probably the most popular film of the list, Brahman Naman released on Netflix instead of theaters. Brahman Naman follows a group of friends in 1980s Bagalore and their testosterone induced daily adventures.


Maroon is by far, the most intriguing film I’ve seen this year. The title suggests the angst and frustration of being lonely yet complete on one’s own.

Maroon is a psychological thriller which revolves around a university professor whose wife disappears. The film soon jumps into the inexplicable and the professor runs out of ways to look for his wife. The psychological trauma of the professor. (This film gave me chills).

Chauthi Koot

Chauthi Koot narrates the struggle of a family that finds itself living among the chaos of the time, set in the Punjab of 1980s against the backdrop of the separatist movement. Chauthi Koot looks and feels Extraordinarily real, successfully transporting one to the real locations of Punjab.

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