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Fire up those chimichanga's because everyone's favourite 'Merc With a Mouth' has filmed a cameo role for Logan.

A source close to the project has reportedly told The Wrap that Ryan Reynolds has shot a cameo, most probably a post credit scene, for the upcoming 2017 superhero film.

While this won't be Deadpool's first appearance in a Wolverine film - Reynolds previously starred in 2009's X-men Origins: Wolverine - it will be the first appearance of the rebooted comic accurate Deadpool which is, thankfully, a drastic change from the Origins version.

With this being Jackman's last outing as the fan-favourite Wolverine, fans were hoping that the film would hopefully include Reynolds' Deadpool. When the story of Logan was confirmed to be set in the future where mutants are a rarity and all but extinct, chances of seeing Deadpool appear were very slim. Now with the confirmation that Reynolds shot a scene for the film, we are hopefully going to see Jackman and Reynolds share the screen for one final time as Deadpool and Wolverine.

Logan hits theatres March 3rd, 2017.

[Source - TheWrap]

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