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The world is full of ideals in which we humans rule.Just like Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, Bruce feared that Superman will rule the Earth because of his unlimited power, but Bruce believed that these so-called 'metahumans' are powerful and should be feared by the public in this case Superman.

But first let's look at one of the themes in Dawn of Justice that has monarchy in it.

Superman's Conflict Of Power

'Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice' [Credit:DC Entertainment/WB]
'Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice' [Credit:DC Entertainment/WB]

Superman's main conflict in the movie was his unlimited power. Because of his powers it cause many people to fear his betrayal to humanity in the future, Therefore stating the quote "absolute power corrupts absolutely" justifies Superman, which is true that he can destroy humanity in within seconds. By surprise this is what Bruce was afraid of when Superman came to Earth.And this is why metahumans should be supervised by the government before taking action.In, Man of Steel we had seen what Superman can do causing destruction and damage.

This is exactly what Bruce feared of in Dawn of Justice.

What Bruce's Nightmare Really Meant

'Dawn of Justice' [Credit:WB/DC Entertainment]
'Dawn of Justice' [Credit:WB/DC Entertainment]

In Bruce's nightmare we see Superman taking control of the world in which he is a dictator who commands his people.This reminds us of familiar DC storyline in Superman turns bad after Lois Lane dies.Just like in this scene Superman tells Batman "She was my world and you took her away".This is taken directly from Injustice, which Lois Lane dies at the hands of Superman and Superman kills the Joker.In summary Bruce is afraid of what Superman could do to the world.

Bruce Is Afraid Of What Metahumans Could Do To The World

'Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice' [Credit: DC Entertainment/WB]
'Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice' [Credit: DC Entertainment/WB]

Bruce has seen what Superman could do, now that there are more metahumans like the ,,,, Bruce is more concerned more than ever he has been.But,Superman taught that there are good metahumans out there and he has faith in humanity.The plus side is that it's great that Bruce is concerned what lies ahead of him with these meta-humans.Bruce now knows that they have god-like powers and became gods among us.Like the Flash having super speed, Aquaman is the King of The Seven Seas and Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Princess.Hopefully, the DCEU adapts The Tower Of Babel storyline in which Bruce Betrays his own team with the help of Ra's Al Ghul.It's all leading up to this storyline.

Despite the criticisms faced this year,Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice bought many themes of how a god-like being should be taken care of by the government.Like how an alien should be controlled or should god-like beings have absolute power? Zack Synder does a good job putting these complicated ideas into the movie.And since DC is very realistic it questions what would happen if an alien comes to Earth.

Should beings like Superman have free will? Feel free to share your thoughts on the comment section below!

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