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Over the years, movies have succeeded in satisfying the wild imaginations of viewers. From the Lumier Brothers’ invention to James Cameron’s 3D riot, from Georges Méliès’ fantasies to Steven Spielberg’s animatronics magic, cinema has been an escape from the bitter reality to an unknown world. Even if it was for a few minutes or a couple of ours, people relied on them for relief and entertainment. Some saw it as an opportunity to fulfill their visions by taking desperate measures. Their attempts improved the quality and pleasure of our movie-watching experience. Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars and Avatar redefined our standards by introducing ground-breaking changes in visual effects.

After Cameron popularized , most of the movies that came after Avatar followed the same path. A few were worthy of that technology, while some failed to utilize it effectively. It looks like the initial wave of that technology has swept away, and it’s time for a new idea to replace it. With this article, I’m dealing with two candidates that could be our new way of watching films. It’s mostly speculation regarding the promises these ideas hold. The influence of these technologies can only be proven over time, but untill then let’s keep our hopes high. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the list.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a popular technology based on virtual reality. It’s been used in the promotion of movies like Interstellar, and it was a successful one. Although its application is greatly concentrated on gaming and such, its use in movies is a subject for debate. It’s evident that home theaters actually pose a threat for theaters, as people find it comfortable. Due to that fact, online movie releases gathered much interest in the recent years. YouTube and provide pay-per-view facilities and it is a major share of the overall collection. So, why not create a market for 3D movies along with similar enabled devices? According to a recent study, Oculus Rift faces a sale crisis, due to it’s unpopularity among people. Creating a means to watch movies with the device will be a ground-breaking change in both moviegoers and current Rift users. It does need a detailed study, but it would be a promising endeavor.


One can’t argue the necessity of watching a movie in theaters, considering how the whole experience is conveyed to viewers. The gigantic screen with mind-blowing sounds alone can satisfy a moviegoer. Home theaters succeeded in replicating that effect for a small crowd and the result was inevitable. It’s time to get those viewers back in the theaters and for that, changes are a necessity. Theaters should adapt to satisfy the viewers in every sense. The is so advanced and it’s a matter of making the decision. Orbi is one of those decisions and it’s most probably the future of our cinemas. Integrating Sega technology with BBC Earth content, an experimental screening is currently present at Yokohama, Japan. Utilizing multi-sensory technologies, Orbi helps its viewers to explore the movie with sight, smell, touch and sound. It’s a big step to make, and it demands a certain amount of time. Still, we can hope that our nearby theaters will change into a sensual paradise in the near future.


Orbi - Tribecafilm


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