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For many years, the acting world has been difficult to break in to, due to, what many refer to as, "Gatekeepers". Usually, you would need a manager or an agent to be seen by casting directors to land a role on television or in film. Scenebot has made it easier to be seen by casting directors, without an agent or manager, by creating an application, called "Scenebot"! The mobile app also helps in securing representation, such as an agent or manager, which is an actor's ultimate goal. (Besides booking a role, of course!)

Scenebot is free and available worldwide! Just download the app, rehearse a scene, record when you are ready, and upload via the app to Scenebot for review! If you would like the freedom to choose between six scenes, instead of the one monthly free scene, there is a "premium" option for $12.95 yearly, which is only about $1.08 a month. However, signing up for the premium version is completely optional!

When Scenebot reviews your submission, if you score well, your video will be placed in either "Honorable Mentions" or "Top Selects". If placed in "Top Selects", your video will be able to be voted on in their monthly "competition" for the "Top Ten" best of the month! Those who place in the "Top Ten" will have their video remain in the app and on their website for a year, being exposed to the agents, managers and casting directors from top networks and studios in Hollywood!

Many success stories have already been made from previous months! Scenebot has an Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to follow for updates on success stories, new features, competition details and more! Discover your success story by participating in Scenebot and "get scene"!

For more details on Scenebot and the "Who's Who" of industry professionals behind it, visit .

Krisha Bullock: "My greatest joy of being casting director is finding that magical, brand spanking, new kid and being the one that is able to give them their very first job."


How long did it take you to secure representation for your acting career?

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