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Despite having just started 2017, I thought it'd be fun to look at all the great movies we've been given during the half decade between 2010-2015. People often remark on the decline of the film industry, but I think you'll agree that this list proves that great directors from all over the world are producing incredibly innovative and sometimes groundbreaking work which still has the power to inspire and captivate audiences. Below are my top 50, ranked in the best way I could.

50) 'The Last Circus' (2010)

Alex de la Iglesia's big, brash dark pantomime is a memorably bold film concerning two clowns sparring over a beautiful gymnast. The visuals are beautifully eye-popping and the OTT ideas never interfere with the absorbing characters and unpredictable plot. It's a memorably entertaining and downright barmy piece of work.

49) 'Shame' (2011)

shines in this directed drama which sensitively explores sex addiction. It's no easy watch, but it's consistently compelling and powerful. also lends strong support in a visually gorgeous and emotionally hard-hitting film.

48) 'The World's End' (2013)

A lot was resting on to deliver a strong finale to his Cornetto Trilogy, which is just what he did. The World's End is every bit as funny and entertaining as and . gives his best performance yet as the tragically immature Gary King, hellbent on reliving his drunken youth whilst an alien invasion occurs.

47) 'Sinister' (2012)

A Slipknot-esque demon and family snuff movies haunt . That's the cheery premise to Scott Derrickson's genuinely movie. The scares are laid on thickly and effectively, as is the incredibly haunting and ending.

46) 'You're Next' (2013)

Forget the lacklustre Blair Witch. Horror duo, and created this wonderfully entertaining home invasion before their disappointing venture into . Masked intruders brutally crash a friendly family gathering, but don't expect little Aussie Erin to fight back quite so spectacularly. It's subversive nad intelligent.

45) 'Skyfall' (2012)

shocked the world by producing one of the best films in its 50+ year history. The old formula is shaken up by deconstructing the spy clichés and introducing a villain with a personal vendetta, rather than plans of world domination. It's visually gorgeous, delivers exciting sequences and finds a lot of time for the terrific Judi Dench. is also memorably menacing as Silva, the best Bond villain in years.

44) 'Take Shelter' (2011)

gives an Oscar-worthy performance in this gripping psychological drama which deals with schizophrenia and isolation. An unremarkable family man starts to think that the end of the world is imminent, but are these apocalyptic visions or delusions? It's a quietly powerful and intense film which ends on a haunting note.

43) 'Monsters University' (2013)

Many critics cited Monsters University as one of the lesser efforts from but there's no denying its fantastic sense of humour and infectious creativity. Every shot is filled with colourful detail and the film provides an interesting backstory to our favourite Monsters Inc duo. I think there's a lot to love and Pixar's signature heart is always at the film's core.

42) 'The Babadook' (2014)

A gorgeous study on grief in the body of a horror film. Jennifer Kent certainly made a mark with this divisive, but widely celebrated drama about a woman descending into madness. It was marketed as a conventional supernatural chiller but is actually far deeper than some give it credit for. It's also beautifully made, features a cracking central performance from Essie Davis and contains a memorably surreal entity which will have you checking the wardrobe for weeks.

41) 'Melancholia' (2011)

followed up his relentlessly depressing Antichrist with this more uplifting drama about the end of the world. gives her best performance yet as a cripplingly depressed bride going to pieces on her wedding day. Luckily for her, Earth will imminently be destroyed so she doesn't need to worry about the future any more. It's visuals are unparalleled and the screenplay leaves a lot for discussion and analysis.

40) 'Confessions' (2010)

This complex Japanese drama focuses on a teacher exacting revenge on a student who killed her child. It's a powerful film which may be a little too arty for some, but it still has an engaging plot which entertains and enthrals. The film builds up to an overwhelmingly emotional climax which will play on your mind for weeks afterwards.

39) 'The Raid' (2011)

Welshman burst onto the action scene with this spectacular Indonesian martial arts movie. A SWAT team goes to war with a gang of armed dealers in the confines of an apartment building which allows for some of the most intense action sequences you'll ever see. The film is directed in such an innovative and balletic way, you can't help but become engrossed in the endlessly exciting fight scenes.

38) 'Frozen' (2013)

The kids might overplay this one but can't we just let it go? knocked the ball out of the park with this charming musical based on Hans Christian Andersen's, The Snow Queen. The visuals are constantly thrilling, the characters memorable and the songs singable. It also features some genuinely surprising plot twists and a welcomed girl power message.

38) 'The Woman' (2011)

Lucky McKee can be a bit hit and miss with his horror movies, but he certainly hit a humdinger with this shocking slow burner. It follows a psychotic family man who kidnaps a feral woman and keeps her locked up in his basement to 'tame' her. Some call it feminist, others misogynistic but either way it's a ripper of a yarn which will keep you fully absorbed.

37) 'Insidious' (2010)

has been christened the Prince of horror at the moment with his recent output of supernatural tales, but even The Conjuring 2 hasn't beaten yet. It's a beautifully crafted and subversive ghost story which also delivers some truly moments. Insidious is dripping with atmosphere and full of fresh ideas which many modern horror films still borrow now. It also ends on a genuinely note.

36) 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' (2014)

Hollywood is running out of comic books to adapt so they plucked to direct this unknown Bond rip-off to get the geeks in seats. And what do you know, it was actually really good! Full of thrilling action set-pieces and edgy comedy, became the surprise hit of the Summer. The film thoroughly entertains by always placing its tongue firmly in cheek and what about that Church scene!

35) 'It Follows' (2014)

David Robert Mitchell's startling debut painted a smile on every horror fan's face. It's a wonderfully original premise which sees people being relentlessly stalked by a frightening shape-shifting entity. It Follows is an intelligent horror film which swaps gore and B-movie shocks for thoughtful direction and imagery. It's an unnerving experience when watched alone in the dark.

33) 'Alleluia' (2014)

Fabrice Du Welz is the best director you've never heard of! The second instalment in his 'mad love' trilogy (preceded by Calvaire) is an intoxicating and work of art. It follows a deranged couple (electrifyingly played by Lola Duenas and Laurent Lucas) as they embark on a chillingly calculated killing spree. The film has such an intensity and energy, you can't help but get sucked in by it.

32) 'Kick-Ass' (2010)

A movie which has it all: Charm, wit, style, romance, action, great characters and an infectious energy. never takes itself too seriously and always manages to entertain due to its stylish action sequences and hilarious screenplay. It also showed to be a fantastic young star thanks to her memorably gutsy performance as Hitgirl.

31) 'Bedevilled' (2010)

Korea are renowned for their superior tales and Bedevilled is no exception. It's a masterful slow burner which sees a woman wreaking hell on an island after being subject to some brutal abuse. It's directed with patience and intelligence which allows the audience to be slowly drawn into the film's claustrophobic atmosphere. It's an enthralling, harrowing and entirely satisfying film.

30) 'Mommy' (2014)

It's impossible not to get sucked into this daring and hair-raisingly intimate family drama from French filmmaker, . It's claustrophobic and completely unforgettable. Mommy is also sensationally acted by its three main actors and at times resembles a fly-on-the-wall documentary as opposed to fiction. The film has a fiery passion and isn't afraid to pull at your heart strings whilst still remaining entirely unsentimental.

28) 'The Skin I Live In' (2011)

Pedro Almodovar's bizarre revenge tale sees a psycho Antonio Banderas experimenting on a poor lady's skin. Or is he? Nothing is what it seems in this enigmatic film which is full to the brim with shocking plot twists and stylish directing. The Skin I Live In is constantly surprising and often strangely moving.

27) 'The Man From Nowhere' (2010)

A Korean action thriller which puts to shame. When a little girl is kidnapped, an unlikely hero steps up to fetch her back home. Not only does the film have blistering action sequences, it also has a lot of heart and emotion too. We end up fully invested in the characters, making for a nail-biting finale which is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

26) 'Untouchable' (201

A touching French drama which sees a working-class thief bonding with a rich invalid. It's hilarious and manages to touch your heart at the same time without ever being overly sentimental. It's a proper feel-good film which might just leave you with a little something in your eye. There's also a memorable score to accompany it.

26) 'The Divide' (2011)

Xavier Gens followed up his intense French slasher, Frontier(s) with this English-language slice of depravity. Strangers are locked in a basement after the world ends and as tensions rise, it becomes unclear as to whether they were lucky to survive or not. Full of nail-biting suspense and unbearable intensity, The Divide explores a provocative idea with bravery and intelligence. The beautiful score in this film is also probably the most underrated of the decade.

25) 'The Hunt' (2013)

This Danish drama packs one hell of an emotional wallop. Thomas Vinterberg's moving tale centres on a teacher whose life goes down a tragic downward spiral when he's mistakenly accused of pedophilia. It's haunting, provocative and directed with an arresting sense of realism. The Hunt is a dazzling piece of work which also features the best performance has ever given in his glittering career.

24) 'We Need to Talk About Kevin' (2011)

Tilda Swinton also gives probably her best performance yet in this unsettling drama about a nightmare child. Told with minimal dialogue and maximum gorgeous visuals, We a Need to Talk About Kevin is a dreamlike and absorbing film which will have you transfixed from start to finish. It's also the breakout role for the talented .

23) 'Holy Motors' (2012)

French maverick Leos Carax captured everyone's imagination with this surrealist masterpiece. Possibly one of the weirdest films ever made, the story follows a mysterious Mr. Oscar who rides around in a limo and acts out scenarios ranging from a deranged hunchback to a dying old man. Denis Lavant shows more range in one film than most actors do in their entire career. It's a deliciously strange film which completely transports you to another world and celebrates the magic of cinema.

22) 'Nymphomaniac Vol.1 & 2' (2014)

King of the feel-bad film, LarsVonTrier showcased his more playful side with this whopping 4 hour tale (5.5 if you watch the extended version) about a woman dangerously addicted to sex. It's a shocking, bold and gripping piece of work which amazing manages to fly by! The performances are strong, especially from Uma Thurman who pretty much steals the whole giant film in a 10 minute segment. It's super stylish, surprisingly witty and unsurprisingly intense.

21) 'Mad Max: Fury Road' (2015)

Who knew that still had it in him to create a terrific action film? And not just a terrific one, but probably one of the best action movies ever made! You can't help but look on in awe as this 2 hour, all-action extravaganza rockets along at the speed of lightning, creating some of the most intense set pieces in a film, ever. The story is straightforward but strong enough to make us care about what is happening amongst the action. It blows all the other movies out of the water.

20) 'Only God Forgives' (2013)

One of the best movies of this half-decade is also one of the most misunderstood. 's film was marketed as a conventional action, revenge thriller when in actual fact it's more like a fairytale told in a nightmarish dreamscape. There's a lot owed to in this bonkers and brutally violent slow burner. and especially really shine in their strange roles. It's a hypnotic, neon-soaked nightmare.

19) 'Under the Skin' (2013)

Just as hypnotic and nightmarish is Jonathan Glazer's masterful, Under the Skin. It sees as a sexy alien who lures Glaswegian men into her van for reasons unknown. Dazzling visuals and unsettling sounds elevate this film to a masterful status. Many find it too slow and odd, but if you fully embrace the Lynchian ambience you'll find a lot to love.

18) 'Whiplash' (2014)

Before the exquisite , burst brilliantly onto the scene with this incredible Oscar-winning debut. gives it his all as the shouty teacher-cum-drill sergeant bullying Miles Teller into becoming a star drummer. It's the phenomenal directing which is the real star here though. The sweat, blood and tears leap off the screen, leaving you breathless. The searingly intense finale is also unforgettable.

17) 'Shutter Island' (2010)

and still proved themselves to be a killer combo in this extraordinary mystery thriller. It's beautifully shot and offers a gripping mystery with A-class acting. It's also surprisingly emotional and layered with a thrilling twist ending which left me gasping.

16) '12 Years a Slave' (2013)

SteveMcqueen dared to portray the hardships of slavery in typical harrowing fashion. The true story of Solomon Northup is an absorbing and unforgettable one. Every cast member is magnetic and McQueen offers impressive directing which lingers on the mind. The scene in which fellow slave, Patsy gets whipped is masterfully moving and intense.

15) 'Kill List' (2011)

One of the boldest horror films to come out in quite some time is this UK shocker from Ben Wheatley. Some may find it slow and confusing, but I find it enigmatically engaging and genuinely unnerving. It follows a hitman completing three last hits which become increasingly disturbing and unusual. The atmosphere is thick with intensity and builds to an unforgettably tragic finale which left me bewildered.

14) 'Les Miserables' (2012)

Musical-loathers may want to stay away from Tom Hooper's epic adaptation of the infamous West End show. Musical-lovers, however will embrace it with open arms. Les Mis is a terribly underrated film which has the power to break your heart as well as make it soar. The music is timeless and the directing is absolutely breathtaking, as is Anne Hathaway's Oscar winning performance.

12) 'Inside Out' (2015)

Pixar proved themselves to be the kings of animation once more with this inventive comedy set in the mind of a little girl. It has everything you could want in a movie and more, some might say that it's a little too clever for kiddies to follow, but that's OK because Pixar movies are more for adults really. Top-notch visuals, hilarious screenplay, heart-warming characters and a moving message. Inside Out is one of the studio's very best offerings.

11) 'Amour' (2012

Austrian auteur, Michael Haneke broke the hearts of every cinema goer with this depressing masterpiece. It focuses on the declining health of an elderly woman and the emotional strain it places on her relationship with her husband. Told with zero sentimentality, Amour is one of the most heart-wrenching movies ever made. It's the first film to ever make me cry and proves that Haneke is one of the greatest directors working today. Emmanuelle Riva (who sadly passed away earlier this year) also gives one of the most shattering performances of all time.

10) 'Toy Story 3' (2010)

How on Earth do you follow up one of the greatest sequels of all time? With an even greater sequel of course! Pixar did the impossible and created a perfect closing chapter to one of the most beloved animated franchises of all time. Toy Story 3 caters for a grown-up audience, with a grown-up Andy leaving for college and inevitably leaving his childhood toys behind too. Not only is it rip-roaringly entertaining and funny, it's also intensely moving in parts and will certainly leave you with a tear in your eye.

9) 'The Artist' (2011)

This silent film caused a big noise when it was released back in 2011. Winning five academy awards, The Artist caused a well-deserved fever in the movie world. It's an expertly crafted love letter to Hollywood and a much needed antidote to the gimmicky 3D features and endless remakes we see today. Not only does it look gorgeous, it also has a great story to tell. It sees the fall of a silent film star as 'talkies' are introduced to the masses. It's a fascinating character study filled with intelligence, humour and heartbreak.

8) 'The Cabin in the Woods' (2012)

Lovers and haters of horror alike rejoiced at Joss Whedon's masterful deconstruction of slasher movies. The Cabin in the Woods is the ultimate slasher film, starting out as conventional as can be and then subverting all expectations by well and truly throwing the rulebook out of the window. It's monstrously entertaining and endlessly re-watchable. The film also has an interesting message to say about the horror genre in general and how uninspired studios should give something new a chance. It also has quite possibly the best ending to any film of all-time.

7) 'Django Unchained' (2012

You can always rely on to provide a ripping yarn and they don't get much more entertaining than this blood-soaked western. A revenge tale which is full of Quentin's trademark style, wit and arresting dialogue. It also boasts great performances from as the bounty-hunting dentist and as the barmy villain keeping Django's wife captive. Some say that it out stays its welcome with its hefty two and a half hour running time, but who cares when it's this much fun!

6) 'I Saw the Devil' (2010)

A horrific Korean thriller guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping. It follows a detective pursuing a serial-killing psychopath who murdered his wife. It's directed with astonishing intensity and has terrific performances from both male leads. I Saw the Devil is a dizzying ride filled with unforgettable set-pieces and a emotionally charged finale. I defy anyone to watch this and not get swept up in the drama.

5) 'The Raid 2' (2014)

Surely one of the greatest sequels of all time. Gareth Evans took the spectacular martial arts sequences from The Raid, turned them up to eleven and placed them in a film with a stronger plot and characters. If someone called The Raid 2 the best action film of all time then I wouldn't do much to argue against them. It's a shot of adrenaline straight into the heart with a string of "How the heck did they do that!?" Moments. The directing is marvellous and surprisingly so is the screenplay which manages to be involving and absorbing.

4) 'The Dark Knight Rises' (2012)

I know that most will disagree here, but in my opinion Christopher Nolan's follow-up to is the best of the trilogy. It's almost three hour running time flies by as we watch Gotham totally collapse by the grubby hands of Bane. The scale and ambition of this film is far greater than it needed to be, and Tom Hardy manages to fill Heath Ledger's big boots as the menacing villain of the piece. It's a grand finale which leaves you breathless. might not be in it much, but this is far more ambitious than a simple movie.

3) 'Inception' (2010)

With a string of masterpieces already in tow, people really started to take notice of Nolan when Inception was released. A thrilling, complex and highly original tale set inside a dream. People get so caught up in the dazzling action that they forget about the stunning emotional drive of the film with Cobb's tragic backstory and his desire to see his children again. It's total entertainment which I find myself revisiting again and again.

2) 'Interstellar' (2014)

Another film? Really? Abso-bloody-lutely! I won't apologise for being a Nolanite because he is the only director I can think of who's making iconic films which will be remembered decades after they've been released. He broke the mould with though. An extraordinarily powerful and moving film about a father leaving his family to embark on a terrifying adventure to save the world. This is a film which has everything. It isn't the groundbreaking visuals or intense set pieces which make it so special though, it's the heart-wrenching father-daughter relationship which has the power to make grown men cry. Interstellar isn't just any ordinary film, it's a colossal experience.

1) 'Black Swan' (2010)

is one of the most exciting directors working today, which is why we get frustrated when he's wasting his talents on big budget biblical epics. Black Swan is easily his greatest achievement. I'll never forget the first time I saw it in theatres and feeling absolutely dumbstruck when the credits rolled. It's one of the most intense experiences you can ever have with your clothes on (unless you decide to watch it naked, I don't judge) thanks to the dizzying camerawork and horrifying surrealism. Let's also not forget that completely knocks the ball out of the park as Nina the dangerously obsessive ballet dancer on the brink of an epic breakdown. It's pure poetry and endlessly fascinating. For my money it's the finest film this demi-decade has had to offer.

Okie dokie folks so there's my list! No doubt ya'll have problems with it so holler abuse at me if you don't like it. What's your fave film from 2010-2015?

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