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New York, one of the most popular states in the world, attracts thousands of tourists a year because of its many landmarks and high-rise life.

There is so much to explore in the Big Apple, so where should you start?

Start here, with my guide to NYC!

See Central Park!

Central Park is simply magical!
Central Park is simply magical!

Central Park is quintessentially “New Yorkan” and simply a must see for tourists. It looked golden and lush when I visited in December (with the fall leaves coming to an end), but I can only imagine how beautiful it would look entrenched under layers of snow!

Plus, there are plenty of things to see in Central Park – after all, the park is four kilometres long! For those that are feeling particularly romantic, there are horse and carriage rides which travel around the park, averaging from $55USD to $155USD a ride, depending on the length of the ride. If you are an Aussie like me, these prices really stack up – $74AUD to $208AUD (yikes!).

See the Statue of Liberty

The view of Manhattan from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.
The view of Manhattan from the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty serves as a symbol of freedom, optimism and hope across the globe. Standing 93 metres tall, the Statue of Liberty greets travellers as they arrive to Liberty Island by boat.

The real adventure is actually climbing inside the statue as opposed to viewing it externally. For those readers out there in cyberspace who are scared of heights but still want to see the Statue of Liberty’s interior, I recommend only climbing to the pedestal. The pedestal is quite high, but you can still catch the amazing sights of Manhattan from the observation deck! Plus, be sure to see the in-built museum featured at this level too!

One of the things that I did while exploring the statue was climbing to the crown. Not many people can say that they have climbed to the top of the national monument - and heights do not really bother me - so I was excited to climb to the crown! I will make a note here that it is all stairs from the pedestal to the crown. I would definitely prepare for the walk up and strengthen your leg muscles because I realised on the climb up how unfit I am! The stairs are honestly so steep and narrow – as silly as it sounds, prepare for the climb beforehand!

The view from the crown is so amazing and you can see the skyscrapers that inhabit NYC!

Try the “local” cuisine

Still craving this pizza though, tbh.
Still craving this pizza though, tbh.

You can’t visit NYC and not try some of the local food! While in the Big Apple, you need to try some food from the sidewalk food carts – it’s just part of the NYC bucket list! The best pizza, pretzels, bagels and hotdogs you will find are in NYC, and I find myself craving them even now, a year since travelling to the Big Apple!

9/11 Memorial

"The Memorial is incredibly breathtaking and tranquil, yet so deep and intense".
"The Memorial is incredibly breathtaking and tranquil, yet so deep and intense".

This was perhaps one of the most reflective moments I had in my time in NYC – the 9/11 memorial. I will admit, my knowledge on 9/11 is terribly low – I was after all, only 5 when this disaster occurred. This is why I felt it was very important to travel to the 9/11 memorial and educate myself on this tragedy. I could tell that many Americans still hold the tragedy of 9/11 close to their hearts and still remember it as thought it was only yesterday. The memorial is incredibly breathtaking and tranquil, yet so deep and intense. A definite must see, even if (perhaps especially) if you are a young millennial like me with little recollection of the attack.

Times Square

Times Square: big, bright and full of billboards.
Times Square: big, bright and full of billboards.

Times Square is one of the must-see places in NYC. Big, bright and full of billboards, Times Square offers shopping, food and entertainment. Of course, Times Square looks miraculous at night with the billboards illuminating the streets. In saying that, the square still looks magnificent during the day which is probably the best time to shop and explore. Of course, if you are in NYC during New Year’s Eve, you need to see the ball drop!

The ball drop is an incredibly public event that happens in NYC’s Times Square every New Year’s Eve. On 11:59 pm every New Year’s Eve, a large ball drops 43 metres down a flag pole in order to celebrate the new year ahead.

Of course there is still so much more to explore in NYC, such as the Empire State Building and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I will leave you to investigate this magical city further.

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The rest of the photos are my own.

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