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“Road tripping” is a fairly common event in any traveller’s lifetime. Most of us don’t even realise just how long we spend in a car while travelling.

It was only recently that I discovered how long a road trip can be, restrained by a seat belt in a confined space.

To enjoy a safe (and also importantly fun) road trip, I would firstly suggest knowing your limits for those driving. Obviously, make sure you are well refreshed before you hit the road and take regular breaks along the way. Nothing puts a dampener on a road trip more than a car accident.

For me, I need to be listening to good music to keep my impatient, grumpy self at bay. On my recent road trip, my family was “ecstatic” to be given the opportunity to listen to the Backstreet Boys’ greatest hits for one whole hour, along with my “backup” singing!

While on a road trip, don’t be afraid to stray beyond the schedule and stop at sights as they appear. The most fun you can have while travelling is when you are spontaneous – an unpredictable road stop often produces the best memories.

I found that stuffing all your items on the seats inside the car isn’t going to produce the most comfortable space for a road trip. Take it from me; from said road trip I had three pillows on me, one of my sisters practically sitting on me and blankets obstructing my view from the back seat. Obviously sometimes this can’t be avoided (especially if you have a small car), but know your car’s limits and pack accordingly. Don’t do what my family did and play a game of “how much stuff can we fit in the car?”

Possibly the most important thing is to not be afraid to travel by road as opposed to air. Sure, it takes longer, but isn’t it sometimes about the journey, not the destination?

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