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I cried. Not gonna lie. The first time was just a wave of excitement and bombardment of information, but the second time felt more like a job I had spent an entire year preparing for and completely bombed the interview, because that is exactly what it was.

I'll take you back to 2013. I had just finished getting into a huge arguement with my father. Me and him have a family tax business and after years of working together I've begun to feel like my true talents were going to waste. I am the typical "artist dreamer" but for what feels like the last four years ive locked myself away from outside descractions (and sadly interactions) and devoted any time "outside the office" to redesigning my multiple webcomic series and finishing a graphic novel that ive been working on since a little after i graduated college in 2003. I gave up on my dream to be a producer/dj (looking back the idea is almost laughable) to begin devoting more attention to subject matter that i not only actually went to school for, but that i had always been passionate for long before i was introduced to music.

I always loved art and drawing and specifically i always loved comics. I remember fondly a 7th grade English Literature project of what did i want to be when i grew up but expanded in book report form. I stood up there like a virgin sacrifice and proclaimed proudly that i wanted to be a comic artist. With bravato and conviction I spouted false facts about how you can make up to a $1000 dollars per comic. "How many comics would you be making?" asked my teacher.

I hadn't done the homework. I think i put that report together during lunch and finished coloring a drawing of an original character i had been working on. When she asked that question it was like a knife beng thrusted into my chest. In my mind I was like "Teacher I thought you liked me?!" She obviously didn't. I quickly did a litle math and realized hey i get a new comic every month and said "said well you publish a new comic every month." And them my teacher was like "That's only $12,000. How can you live off of $12,000?" I had realized where i had made my mistake. Not no only was $12,000 not enough to live off of but I didn't think my English Lit teacher actually wanted to know what we wanted to be. In a span of milliseconds I replayed the previous presentations and was like doctor, lawyer, engineer, etc etc and I'm here like "Comic Artist." When the teacher did my homework in front of me (Thank you by the way), I realized that i wasn't trying to be a "Comic Artist", I wanted to be a "Starving Artist".

Back to 2013, the argument between me and my father left me with some open wounds. There was a lot of harsh things said. THere's no need to go into detail cause everyone has arguments with their parents. But i think from this one that my time with him was wearing thin.

I came home and was surfing the net for jobs. After hours of searching comic publishing, comic jobs, illustration jobs and artcvles, i came closer and closer ttohe animation industry. I had always wanted to make cartoons. My comics started out as ideas for a cartoon series bnut this was before Flash and the internet and the availability of high end animation software. I said to myself im a studio art major and my school didnt have an animation dept. i had tried to read as many books as i could but i had trouble grasping it so i order to keep feeding the creative beast i just made the ideas into comic series. So I started looking for opportunities in the animation industry and that's when i came across the MIA Animation.

MIA Animation is a conferenace and festival that takes place in Miami FL durng the Fall and is devoted to the animation industry as well as a film festival for upcoming animation students and animators from across the world. They also how a "Pitch to the Industry" contest open to anyone where they call for ideas for animated seires and if your idea one of five or more selected you will have 5 mins to "pitch" your idea to representatives from studios like Disney, Microsoftm and Cartoon Netwrok. The best pitch out of those finalists get sent to LA (expenses not paid) to meet directly with studios and exectuives for a chance to have your series produced.

I check the deadline date and is said Sept 1. The date was Aug 30th at 11:30pm. I stayed up all night and day and

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