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It amazes me honestly that we are still here. But at the same time it shouldn't. Take a look at our political landscape and there are plenty of reasons one can come away thinking that the general public may be as unintelligent as it's ever been.

But how can that be? We have more information, more access to said information yet the singular driving force behind the mass is to make things simpler, easier, more cookie cutter basic so that less thinking is involved.

When you get to the root of it that's what the X-Men franchise is. It's a cookie cutter version of what Marvel initially created. It's always has been. It had to be be. It took 40+ years just to get people familiar enough with the characters so that they could take a risk and make a film. Yes we give it respect for helping to open the door to the modern superhero film era but we can now look back (should look back) and see what mistakes were made and what we can learn from these mistakes and fix these mistakes. Normally at a job if you screw up three or four times you get fired. And that's not to say that people haven't been fired or let go during the franchises life but if you're gonna give me a cookie cutter product then as fans we have to take a cookie cutter perspective and say "Hey you haven't performed good enough over this period of time and we are gonna reallocate your department to another company so that they can do it better and give us a better experience that we inevitably pay for.

The counter argument will immediately jump to saying "Well Disney appeals to the masses! They make everything cookie cutter!" And with that I slap you across the face with power of Thor and remind you that Disney does not interfere with Marvel creatively. They never have and never will. Disney doesn't have to involve itself within Marvel because Marvel is just as creative and powerful. This was a team-up more than it was a buy out.

The X-Men franchise has been on a rescue mission ever since the disaster that was Last Stand and now on its third reboot. Not gonna lie First Class was a step in the right direction but if you had done your homework properly you would know that it was just a response to the rise of Marvel Studios. First Class Director Matthew Vaughn was given free reign over the film and he followed the general Fox rule of ignore much of source material and create his own interpretation.

That's something Marvel would never do. Look at Ant-Man. Even during Age of Ultron Joss Whedon who had so much control was also on a tight leash that was on an even tighter grip. Because Marvel makes Marvel movies. 20th Century Fox makes lot's of different kinds of movies not just movies based on comics. Not to say that Fox is bad at making movie it's that Fox hires people that they think know enough about subject, the script or the character. Marvel doesn't have to do that because MARVEL INVENTED THE FUCKING CHARACTER.

Please stop making this argument that Deadpool or Xmen or Wolverine would be better suited in a studio that ultimately doesn't give three shits about superhero films and are only making films as a reaction to everything that Marvel does who is innovating the industry. You cannot say someone does Marvel films better than Marvel films. That is just insane. Marvel Studios is the biggest studio in the business right now and their films are what everyone wants to see.

You have to remember people we are not immortal. We will die. Our flesh will decay and your bones will turn to dust and at some point all that will remain will be the history and legacies that we leave behind. The same way we found archaeological digs of former civilizations someone or something will find that in ours. And as the superior intelligent being that has survived millenniums digs through our ruins to discover what it was that made us who we were, do you really want them to find another shitty Fox X-Men DVD on its 6th reboot or do you want them to find the collectors box set of X-men vs Avengers vs Fantastic 4 vs Defenders guest starring Spider-Man & the Agents of SHIELD?...


Before you say "Wait to see the film" I'm going to stop you and say I've seen 10 years of Fox X-men to know what to expect. I don't give my money to something because I want to see if it is good, I give my money to something because I know it is good. As a consumer I am taking back my consumption and saving it for a better product, which is what I encourage you all to do.

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