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Chris Evans had way too much fun with people in a book store recently. The unsuspecting individuals had no idea what they'd walked into, but once they realized they were in an escape room (thanks to Chris talking through a doll) they were guided on a wild goose chase that had them hunting for clues, dressing up, and eventually leaving the store to yell "Hail Hydra" at bystanders on the street.

Upon completion of their mission, Captain America led them into a dark basement for a personal jump-scare. is at it again, but this time they are teaming up with to give people a chance to win the opportunity to be locked up with the in an escape room challenge. You can invite up to three friends, your hotel and flight is taken care of, and your escape concludes with beer and burgers with the man himself.

You could solve a murder, get locked up in a haunted house, rob a bank or maybe even solve a murder in a haunted bank. No matter the narrative, it’s going to be a night you’ll never forget, complete with scares, laughs, and celebratory burgers and beer. Flights and hotel are on us. -

While this may seem like a fun opportunity, it is all done in support of a really amazing cause called "Christopher’s Haven."

Christopher’s Haven is a wonderful community building with nine apartments, which offers activities like massage therapy, movie nights, sports outings, and more. Because of Christopher’s Haven children going through cancer treatments get a comfortable place to stay with their whole family.

And while Christopher's Haven may be blessed by the presence of the occasional comic book inspired superhero, we are reminded that the real superheroes aren't just the faces that grace the big-screen, but the children and their families who fight the odds every day, and still find reasons to laugh and smile. The haven not only provides them opportunity for fun, but the chance for children and parents alike to be able to breathe, relax, and focus on what's most important, healing.

Each entry at gives you a chance to partake in the fun, and donations not only count towards entries, but also bestow some special items on the donor.

For more information, or to submit your entry, go to

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