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I am really excited for the upcoming Super series that is premiering this Saturday. I am a big fan of the Dragon Ball Z series. Heck, I collected all (most) of the series on VHS and I still own them today. When the video dvd store Suncoast was popular and existed, I periodically made it over to collect the next tapes every month. When 9/11 happened, there was an international stoppage of shipments for a long period of time, very much expected after the tragedy. I checked every week or so checking on their status. It took a long time, but after things stabilized, they returned, and I was collect two series at the same time, so I was back in Dragon Ball Z heaven! Like I said, a big fan.

Anyhow, I do love all of the series, mostly, because there are some great moments in all of them. That being said, where do I think the sagas rank?

4. The Buu Saga

Now, I did enjoy this series to the most part, and as always, the villain as always was stronger than the last. But this one in particular, , though extremely powerful and brutal, he was rather goofy and changed constantly, like a split personality throughout the saga. So this character would use his body as a blob and or zap you into a cookie to eat you and absorb your abilities and his appearance changed via...their body, kinda, and clothes?! Okay. There was even a scene where he had indigestion after eating a Z warrior and he created a porta potty. Yeah, that happened.

There is also a little homage going on with this Buu saga. Babidi was trying to resurrect his father's creation Buu. His father's name was . You can't make this stuff up. Bibidi, Babadi, BUU! If you want, you can add the fact that the first version we see of Buu looks like a gigantic pink pumpkin, right?

Great action sequences and a continuation of Vegeta's intriguing character arc, quite frankly, the best part of the series.

3. The Vegeta Saga

Before it was known as a saga, this was my first exposure to the series, so I was super excited for a new (to us) animated series. A huge moment in this saga, and the most shocking was the hero dying, very early in the series and he was in heaven fighting to get back on earth to save his friends and the planet from the approaching threat, Nappa and Vegeta. I watched the original American version of this, and before that, Vegeta had a different voice and personality. He was very strong and relentless. You also got to know a lot more about the race Goku or , as Vegeta referred him to as, his true birth name, came from. Not to mention, the feral version of Goku's bloodline that Vegeta used in an attempt to finish off Goku once and for all.

This spawned a long rivalry between the two of being the most powerful. Goku respected him too much to kill him and spared his life. This saga I could barely complain about, it was at its best, a great series. The highlight for me was the father son relationship that , Goku's former rival, and son Gohan, Goku's son, had. When Piccolo sacrificed himself to save , it created a long time friendship between the two. Oh, and the Kamehameha vs, Galick Gun was pretty good too.

2. The Fieza Saga

This may be a controversial rank placement considering the event that took place during this saga. By villain alone, this saga's popularity can be credited by the strength of character and his callous nature. Frieza was a monstrous destroyer of beings and planets. In a story by a dying Vegeta, he told of how Frieza used the Saiyans as slaves to do his bidding, destroying anyone and anything. He destoyed the Saiyan race single-handed when Goku and vegeta were just children, killed nearly all of the Namekian race, and he beat Vegeta badly, made him cry and killed him. It doesn't stop there. When he achieved his full power, his first act was to kill a child, (Bang) After totally outmatching Goku, beating him pretty badly and surviving a spirit bomb, he added more to his reign of terror by almost killing Piccolo with a laser blast and then blowing up Goku's childhood friend Krillin.

Emotionally tragic, Goku would then transform in his most anticipated form in the series, . Clearly my favorite moment of the saga, it is actually my highlight of the entire series. But I did think the Fieza vs Goku fight went on way too long, my only true negative. But let's face it, everything is long in this series.

1. The Cell Saga

Now, how can the Cell saga beat out the Frieza saga, the saga that gave birth to the very first Super Saiyan transformation? It would have to be, the Perfect saga? ;-) Cell was definitely one of their best villains in the series. This story goes from Frieza's return, to a time traveler named Trunks and his premonition of an android threat and Goku dying, MORE ANDROIDS?!, and then Cell?! Add his homicidal rampage to feed on humans' essence to gain power and his multiple transformations until he is completely Perfect Cell and this made for a very intriguing saga. His pursuit for perfection went hand in hand with the planet's doom. Once he achieved perfection, he was nearly unstoppable. That is until an unlikely hero emerged from their ranks and made Cell have a complete meltdown...Gohan. Goku was not nearly powerful enough to defeat Cell, but Goku knew that his son Gohan had what it takes to beat Cell. Something in him was stirring, something powerful, ever since the series began. They decided here, this was the saga where they show what he was truly made of. This one ranks number one because of Cell and Gohan Super Saiyan 2 moment because Gohan as Super Saiyan 2 was a complete baddass! Also, the fact he was the hero that saved them all and not Goku. Overall, this was a sensational saga! The level of care and detail to the story was very admirable and the action was top notch.

Even their time travel parts in the saga made coherent sense. Even when Trunks went back in time to help the Z Warriors change their dark future, he was just changing their future, not his. When the saga ended, he went back to his future as it was while the two androids 17 & 18 Cell absorbs in the future and the original Cell himself. He gained such a great deal of power in the past that he was able to destroy them all in his present. This is a COMPLETE, awesome saga!

I don't know if the upcoming series can surpass or match what has already come before it, but I know it will have DBZ nostalgia written all over it.

What can you expect from the upcoming series?


What was your favorite Dragon Ball Z Saga?

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