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So far has a pretty good track record when it comes to Tv. With shows like Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, and the new SyFy show Krypton. You can always catch your favorite heroes kicking butt and taking names on the small screen. But what about the heroes you don't see? Maybe heroes that were teased, but never saw any action.

Should DC take a page out of Marvel's book and produce shows on Netflix? It would nice to watch Marvel's The Defenders one weekend and Teen Titans the next. Would these characters fall under the Arrowverse or not?

Whether they make the deal or not here are 5 Heroes that deserve a Netflix Series.

5. Lucas Trent (Midnighter)

[Credit: DC Comics.]
[Credit: DC Comics.]

Lucas Trent a.k.a Midnighter is an interesting character, and quite frankly I think he goes unnoticed in lists like this. Forgive me, I'm about to say some bold words here, but he's basically a better version of Batman. I KNOW! Shame on me, but hear me out.

Unlike Batman, Midnighter has superhuman abilities such as superhuman strength, and speed. He's also known to have a healing factor (bet Batman doesn't have that) and being able to suppress pain to keep fighting. On top of that he has a form of pre-cognition, which means he can predict his enemy's next move. 3 Midnighter, Batman 0.

Okay, so I know what you're thinking. Why hasn't he shown up before? Well unlike heroes on the CW, Midnighter is very violent. I mean look at the thumbnail I attached. He is not afraid to kill. Yes I know Oliver killed, and Vigilante, and well every other villain, but Midnighter takes to a whole new level. Like Deadpool level. Netflix would be a perfect place for this character to shine. As for him being a part of the Arrowverse, it's hard to say. If he was I would imagine him being pretty distanced.

4. Ted Grant (Wildcat)

[Credit: DC Comics.]
[Credit: DC Comics.]

Ted Grant a.k.a Wildcat is an extraordinary character with a rich history. Many people have dawned the name, but Ted Grant is most well known. He is a world-class boxer who has trained many DC heroes like Black Canary, Batman, and even Superman. He has been in the Justice League, on Earth-2 a member of the Justice Society of America, even the Suicide Squad. He has been known to use a "9 Lives" spell, which at times, explains his vitality at an older age.

While he's been in DC Animation we've only seen him in live-action twice. Once for a brief clip in Smallville, and as a recurring character in season 3 of Arrow. In Arrow, we see him train Laurel Lance- the second Black Canary. He also runs the "Wildcat Gym" a stable from the comics. His backstory is simple. He used to be a vigilante who fought street crime in the Glades of Sterling City. He gave it up after his partner beat someone to death, which goes against his code. In the present day he teams up with Team Arrow to stop Brickwell's siege of the Glades.

Already having him in the Arrowverse strengthens the idea of a Netflix show. Showing his origin in the Glades, leading up to him dawning the name Wildcat, ultimately giving it up. It could be a compelling crime drama with amazing fight sequences showcasing his agility and strength.

3. Kent Nelson (Doctor Fate)

[Smallville: The Cw]
[Smallville: The Cw]

Doctor Fate is another interesting character. He has in fact been brought to live-action (pictured above) in Smallville. And if you want to get technical he's already appeared in the Arrowverse. Well the Nabu Helmet was in the pilot episode of Constantine, which is now apart of the Arrowverse. You see like Constantine, Doctor Fate fights supernatural evil. His HQ is a tower in Salem, Massachusetts. Now you can't get more supernatural than that.

In the comics Kent Nelson, the first Doctor, opens a tomb belonging to Nabu the Wise. Nabu teaches Kent the skills of a sorcerer for 20 years before giving him the mystical helmet, amulet, and cloak. In the 1940s he and other heroes, like Wildcat, co-founded the Justice Society of America. His powers range from flight, strength, invulnerability, telepathy, and lightning manipulation.

I would love to see his own show showcasing how he got his powers, opening the door for more supernatural elements in the Arrowverse, and even teaming up with Constantine. Having him on Netflix or The CW can open the doors to possibilities.

2. Jim Corrigan (The Spectre)

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Like Doctor Fate, Jim Corrigan a.k.a The Spectre has appeared in Constantine (although he wasn't the Spectre yet). So, yes that means his in the Arrowverse. In Constantine, Jim was a police detective in New Orleans when a string of ghostly murders forced him to cross paths with Constantine. Zed, a member of Constantine's team, told Jim that she saw multiple visions of his death with a green mist around his body. This was the only tease of the character's future in the show. Sadly Constantine got canceled by NBC, but the CW got the rights which makes the show canon (much like Supergirl from CBS).

With no plans for a second season, there was petition to bring the show as a Netflix Original. However I think Spectre would be better. They could continue his story. The Spectre is a vengeful spirit. In the comics Jim is murdered and his spirit comes back to Earth by whats called "The Voice". He becomes the Spectre to seek vengeance on his murderers.

Like Doctor Fate, the Spectre can open the door to the supernatural. Maybe even paving the way for a form of Justice League Dark.

1. Young Justice

[Young Justice: DC TV]
[Young Justice: DC TV]

If you're like me then you probably loved Young Justice. Like the title says, it was a show about all the teen heroes of the DC universe. So show was a lot darker and more serious than Teen Titans. The story was easy to follow, the animations was great, and sub-plots worked out gracefully. The show was only on for 2 seasons before it was canceled by the Cartoon Network in 2013 due to falling toy sales. It wasn't until February of 2016 producer Brandon Vietti said...

"I don't know. That's the best answer I can give you. I'd be happy to do another one; Greg [Weisman] would be; Phil Bourassa the character designer. We'd all in a heartbeat come back for a third season..."

After months of fans, and even the voice actors, voicing their love for the show it was announced in November of 2016 that there will in fact be a revival of Young Justice on Netflix.

So that is my list. Do I wish these character's had their own show? Yes, but I know there is more to it then just pitching the idea. How do you feel about the list? Sound off in the comments below.

Thanks for Reading.

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