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"I'd stand up for, kid, til I drop." -The Best Years of Our Lives

My brother and I watch several horror movies a week. This may sound strange to some, but we're passionate about it. We have a rating system and everything, trying to figure out what the best of the best is. We watch the bad ones ("Zombeavers"), the so-bad-they're-good ones ("") and the really good ones. The ones you write home about or at least the ones you talk about to anyone who will listen. The ones like .

When we were little we used to stay up late to watch USA Up All Night or Monstervision. We simply couldn't get enough of everything they showed us. Maybe it was because personally, our home life wasn't awesome, but we sunk ourselves into these films and found an outlet. I was 7 or 8 the first time I wrote a horror themed "screenplay". We acted it out in the basement. It was a zombie movie. There were four of us. Everyone died.

That love of zombie movies has only elevated for me over the years. Some of my favorites are , and the OG of all of them, . It's been a long time however, since something touched me and affected me the way Train to Busan has. On the outside it's a simple zombie movie, much like the ones I just listed. At it's core though, it's a story about a man and his daughter and a relationship changed forever.

In Train to Busan the zombies are fast, messy and ruthless. They kill indiscriminately. There are about 7 or so really likable people in this movie and more than half of them die. I hope I'm not spoiling too much there, but it's a zombie movie, so... that's what you get. However, this movie attaches these people to you in a way that most movies don't, can't or won't. This movie makes you love these people. I was crying halfway through the movie and I don't think it let up much. By the end, full on Niagara Falls. If you're the type of person that can make it to the end of this movie without shedding a tear, I don't want to know you. Simple as that.

In a world full of torture porn - which isn't my cup of tea - and things like Cabin Fever - mindless gore that got made not once, but twice - it's nice to find a gem like Train to Busan. And if I haven't completed alienated you with my taste in movies maybe you'll check this one out. I promise, this is one we can ALL agree on.

"Aloha oe."

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