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"I'd stand up for, kid, til I drop." -The Best Years of Our Lives

The man, the myth, the icon, George A. Romero, has passed on. I won't ever forget him though. He's a great big part of why I do what I do. For those of us who loved him, here's some of the most interesting facts about the man behind the zombie.

1. 'Night of the Living Dead' was never about race

In an interview, George himself said:

It accidentally became a racial film because of the Duane Jones’ character. There’s nothing in the dialogue or anywhere else that says this film is about race, but that’s what made it become important, I guess.

Duane Jones in Night of the Living Dead
Duane Jones in Night of the Living Dead

2. George wrote a script for Resident Evil that was ultimately turned down in favor of W.S. Anderson's

3. George considered Orson Welles a stylistic influence

In an interview with AMC in 2009, even says that he may have stolen a bit from Welles.

4. His favorite of his own films was 1977's Martin

5. He is of Cuban and Lithuanian descent

6. All the social commentary is on purpose

In an interview, George said:

I like to ... have a little political satire in the stuff that I do.

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