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After the first day, i will analyze the first round of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, as my friend and colleague Aaron Aument will analyze the second day. It was broadcasted on the WWE Network.

Round 1

Mach 1- Trent Seven vs H.C. Dyer

I enjoyed the first match. While I did not enjoy the video packages before the matches (that they played on RAW and SDLIVE) it didn't take me out of the match. It was slow but the live crowd was chanting the entire time.

Winner- Trent Seven by Pinfall

Grade- C- (I wanna see a feud between these two on the show)

Match 2- Danny Burch vs Jordan Devlin

They came out, and I didn't expect the match that proceeded that. It was quite boring to start but as it came to an end, Devlin gave Burch an enziguri and made Burch bleed. After Devlin won, he cut a great promo to put the icing on the cake.

Winner- Jordan Devlin by Pinfall

Grade- B+

Match 3- Saxon Huxley vs Sam Gradwell

As the match started, the live crowd started chanting "Let's Go Jesus, Jesus Sucks" referring to Huxley, as he has long hair and a great beard. Huxley calls himself "Muscle Cat" but his tights scream "Cactus Jack Ripoff".

Winner- Sam Gradwell by Pinfall

Grade- C

Match 4- Roy Johnson vs Pete Dunne

This one fall match quickly turned into an Extreme Rules match. Lots of holds in this tournament. Lots of near-falls already. Even tho its a slow match, Johnson has a good running Big Ending.

Winner- Pete Dunne by Pinfall

Grade- C+

Match 5- Tyson T-Bone vs Wolfgang

The opening promo for this match wasn't good but then T-Bone gave Wolfgang a huge headbutt. I do enjoy when they do the suplex blocks, right after this tho, the live crowd started chanting boring. I was surprised they let Wolfgang use the Wasteland after King Barrett was released.

Winner- Wolfgang by Pinfall

Grade- B+ (because I like the Swanton Bomb)

Match 6- James Drake vs Joseph Connors

This match was slowed way down. Hearing Nigel McGuinness call this with my favorite color commentator Michael Cole, it was refreshing from Corey Graves and Cole yell at Byron Saxton.

Winner- Joseph Connors by Pinfall

Grade- B+ (another potential feud i wanna see play out on WWE TV)

Match 7- Mark Andrews vs Dan Moloney

Another match that begins with a promo, at least it was better than the last one. Mark Andrews has a resemblance to YouTube's most subscribed to channel, PewDiePie. I do like the Lucha style mixed in with the technical and ground and pound styles. Moloney has an Orton-esque punt move.

Winner- Mark Andrews by Pinfall

Grade- A (probably my favorite match on the first day)

Match 8- Tyler Bate vs Tucker

This match started off awesomely, and was an amazing match. The only problem i had with this one was the Airplane Spin, made famous by Gorilla Monsoon, by Bate and he still won with his Tyler Driver.

Winner- Tyler Bate

Grade- D(for the Airplane Spin)

As the final moments where about done, Pete Dunne attacked Gradwell to set the mood for tomorrow.

So the quarterfinal matches for tomorrow are:

Tyler Bate Vs Jordan Devlin

Trent Seven vs Wolfgang

Mark Andrews vs Joseph Connors

Pete Dunne vs Sam Gradwell

As tomorrow will be the last day, these are the matches that will start off the day but only one will win. My pick to win it all tho is, Pete Dunne.

Overall Grade-

This was a great first day. I give the first UK Championship Tournament a grade of, B+. It was amazing and i can't wait to watch the final day tomorrow, January 15th, 2017 at 3/ET on the WWE Network.

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