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Hello my name is Matthew I'Anson and this is my first article for I thought i would talk about the new spider-man homecoming photos that were shown from set last week. if you haven't already had a look at them i would recommend that you take a look on the Looper Facebook page below as i do not know how to get the URL link on this article. If anyone knows how please let me know in the comments. Anyway after taking a long look at the photos from set the suit is very similar if not the same suit from Captain America: Civil War. there is some lining and pattern in the suit but we just might have not seen them in Civil war because of the editing and effects used in the movie. My three favourite things from the photos are 1) On one of the photos he's just causally got his phone in his hand. 2) In most of the photos he's got his rucksack on which just like the phone thing is the comical kind of thing i like about spider-man and what i think everyone will like about him too. Finally 3) the fact that he just looks like a normal teenager which for someone who loves the comics as much as i do its really good to see. Okay so I've never really ended one of these but i know its only a short article hopefully when i keep doing these they will get bigger and better. if anyone has any questions please comment or if anyone wants me to do an article on anything in particular i would love to give it a go. Finally please feel free to answer my question below about what you are most looking forward to about the new spidey movie. Thanks for reading.


What are you most looking forward to about the new Spider-man homecoming movie?

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