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Back in March 2016, Ezra Miller became the first man to potray live-action Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash on the big screen, when : hit theatres. And it was followed by another brief cameo as the fastest man alive in . But Miller definitely isn't the first man to play the role of Barry Allen on screen. Actors like John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin have done it before him, but on television. Grant Gustin can be seen as Barry Allen on the hit series, , which is currently in its third season.

Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp
Grant Gustin and John Wesley Shipp

Apart from Superman and Suicide Squad's Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Katana and Amanda Waller, is the only character which is being simultaneously played by two different actors in the DCTV Universe and in the DC Extended Universe. When the same role is being played by two different actors, comparisions are bound to take place (like it happened with Ashton Kutcher and Michael Fassbender's version of Steve Jobs). And it's been no different for Ezra Miller and Grant Gustin.

From the brief cameos and the few scenes from trailer that we have seen of Ezra Miller, the only distinct difference between the two versions of The Flash, is the suit — one being a movie budget suit and the other one being a TV budget suit. One thing that the fans hoped for but didn't end up happening is that at least Ezra Miller's Barry would have a blonde hair, just like in the comics.

The Flash movie has had its fair share of drama with directors leaving the project and despite that if everything goes well, by the time The Flash (movie) hits theatres, The Flash (television) would be nearing completion of its fourth season. And it means that the fans would become more and more comfortable with Gustin's version. Surely enough, Ezra Miller and creators behind The Flash movie are well aware of that and they would want to deviate their version from that of the TV version.

Now, both Miller and Gustin are both very lean actors. Grant Gustin's body has pretty much been the same throughout the three seasons of The Flash and it will probably remain the same for the seasons to come. However, reports that Ezra Miller might be bulking up for 2018's The Flash. A difference in physicality between the two actors could be the direction The Flash (movie) creators might be taking to a draw a line between the two versions.

We'll have to wait till March 16th, 2018, to see what the end result is when Ezra Miller's The Flash hits theatres. In the meantime, Grant Gustin's The Flash returns from mid-season break on January 24th.


Do you think Ezra Miller will outshine Grant Gustin when 'The Flash' hits theatres?


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