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Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale...a tale of a blockbuster flick.

You've all no doubt heard of . It was a series about a group of castaways who were forced to set aside their social differences and live comedically among each other on a deserted island after their tour boat gets caught in a sudden storm.

The series centered on Gilligan — the ship's first mate, as played by Bob Denver — and his unlikely, yet charmingly co-dependent friendship with Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby (Alan Hale). The cast of castaways was famously rounded out by The Millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann.

Just about every television series from that era, whether it was Bewitched, The Addams Family or McHale's Navy has been made into a movie at one time or another. However, there hasn't been much on the Gilligan's Island front outside of a rumored reboot from Josh Gad (whom you probably best know as the voice of Olaf from Disney's ) but nothing substantial has come from that in a couple of years and remains "in development."

'Gilligan's Island' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'Gilligan's Island' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

The new trend in Hollywood these days is for movies to now be converted into television shows. Yet with about to show with the inevitable box office hit that TV shows can still make great movies, the timing seems right to bring an appropriately funny re-envisioning of the timeless TV classic to the silver screen and into the hearts of a new generation.

One can maybe argue that the show is too cherished by some to be remade and too dated by others to be remade well. Yet, much in the way that the movies found new humor by setting a 60s/70s minded family in the present day, the secret to success would lie in the film being a semi-satire of the original source material rather than a straight do-over.

But who could possibly replace such a classic and honored cast for this new voyage of the SS Minnow?

By all means, please continue...

DJ Qualls as Gilligan

I'll be honest, this isn't the first time I have thought about the perfect cast for a Gilligan's Island movie. It is, however, the first time I have thought of one so awesome it was worth publishing. At the top of the list, in the title role, is actor DJ Qualls. You probably know him from such films and shows as Road Trip, Hustle & Flow and Supernatural. More recently he's been seen on the likes of Z-Nation and . Qualls has the looks, recognition and comedic talent to easily be the quirky star of the film and the most unlikely "Little Buddy" to the Skipper.

And speaking of...

Dwayne Johnson as The Skipper

I know, action superstar Dwyane Johnson is a far cry from Alan Hale. However, keep in mind that this is a modern day reboot. The story of Jonas "The Skipper" Grumby was that he was a man's man who served in the US Navy and earned the admiration and lifelong commitment of his Lil' Buddy, Gilligan. By today's standards the "Man's Man" is defined by Dwayne Johnson. Throw in his endless charisma, award-winning smile and the fact that he's a comedic genius and you have the best possible choice for the Skipper. Being a marketable tool (so much so that and gave him his own spin-off years ahead of the movie) is bound to be a helpful selling point for the film, as well.

Emma Stone as Ginger Grant

Ginger Grant (originally played by Tina Louise) was one of the two female sex symbols of the classic series — the "Betty" to Mary Ann's "Veronica" if you will — and also the "movie star" from the show's theme song. Emma Stone, the recently Oscar nominated (and possibly soon to be Oscar winning) star of is basically the epitome of the attractive, young movie star today. Given her comedic prowess to boot and she's a shoe-in for everyone's favorite red headed castaway.

Alexandra Daddario as Mary Ann Summers

And where there's Ginger there must also be Mary Ann — the simple country girl and the apple of the Professor's eye (so iconically played by Dawn Wells). The rising starlet and sex symbol to young men (and let's face it, women as well) of such hits as , and the upcoming is a killer choice for the brunette bombshell. Plus her track record with Dwayne Johnson movies is becoming notable so it's a win-win for everyone. It would be great to see the cute and simple innocence really played up in this version. The idea might set women back a little bit but it would all be in good fun and not to be taken into today's political climate. She would still have plenty of individual strength to show off as the show's antagonistic elements start to set in.

James Marsden as the Professor

James Marsden has had an interesting career in that he shot to stardom with hits like the franchise and but then kind of coasted under the radar for a little bit in lesser known but incredibly well acted roles. Now, the star seems to be in high demand and may even be in the running to play in the film . This charming and charismatic actor would be perfect for the role of Professor Roy Hinkley and could fill Russell Johnson's shoes quite admirably. Plus, it would be really fun to see him play the role a little dimwittedly as everyone kind of pokes fun at him for suggesting that he make a radio out of coconuts.

Mel Gibson as Mr. Howell

Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus) was crude, egotistical yet lovable in his own little way. Sound familiar to anyone? The former superstar hasn't been a Hollywood name for quite some time after his anti-semitic drunken rant and other outlandish activities. However, after some few and far between under the radar performances — most notably as the villain in the poorly received (yet still damn good) action film — the veteran actor and director seems to be back on the respected rise with his fancy new Oscar nomination for directing . Taking up the mantle of an iconic role in a fun, box office gold ensemble comedy might just be what his career needs to properly level up in the public eye.

Rene Russo as Mrs. Howell

Rene Russo and Mel Gibson were the fictional equivalent of the power couple, having been romantically linked in both the Lethal Weapon films as well as the 90s suspense thriller Ransom. So not only is Russo back on the rise from her own absence in Hollywood after roles in the franchise and the comedy hit but being paired up with Gibson again would make for some great satirical comedy. It doesn't hurt that Ms. Russo is an exceptionally talented actress who would do a great rendition of Natalie Schafer's Lovey Howell character, either.

So there you have it. Would you watch a Gilligan's Island movie? Is this the cast you'd love to see do it? Sound off below and if you have alternate choices, I'm all ears.

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