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Marvel Cinematic Universe Updates And More!

In 2008 Marvel Studios did something no other franchise has done, made a continuity of films that exist within the same universe, now known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise has made more money than any other film franchise in history!

That's Only Half The Films!
That's Only Half The Films!

So of course, many other companies thought they could do the same thing. But, only some really work out as planned. A great example of a failure (Which failed from its very first film) is the Detective Comics Extended Universe, or DCEU. Currently, Warner Bros. is trying to save itself after horrible films like Man Of Steel and Suicide Squad. The only thing good out of them was some solid memes.

In 2014, Legendary started their own Cinematic Universe with Its first film, Godzilla. The shared film universe is now called the MonsterVerse. It currently has 2 films, Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island.

A sequel to Godzilla is confirmed for 2019, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Not even a year later, we will see Kong Vs Godzilla, which better be as phenomenal as it sounds!

But as of now, Legendary has said nothing for the future of their MonsterVerse. Which what more could you really do after Kong Vs. Godzilla that would still be interesting to Non-Geeks?

We will have to just wait and see!


Do You Think The 'MonsterVerse' Will End After 'Kong Vs. Godzilla'?

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