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Since his first debut into Marvel Comics back in 1962 in Amazing Fantasy #15, our "Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man" has a come long way, already having three successful solo franchises. Now that Sony Pictures has partnered up with Marvel Studios, we get to see everyone's favorite hero fight alongside famous heroes such as Iron Man, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk back home in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider-Man's amazing abilities have proven more than once that he is capable of fighting with these giants we call the Avengers. Over the years fans have gotten to witness Peter Parker evolve into the Amazing Spider-Man he is today, particularly thanks to his enhancements, including:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Spider-Sense
  • Wall Crawling

While it is often believed these are Spider-Man's only powers, this is far from true. has plenty of other abilities which are hardly acknowledged by fans, yet deserve to be put in the spotlight. Here are seven superpowers you didn't know Spider-Man has.

1. Night Vision

'Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors' [Credit: Disney-AB TV]
'Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors' [Credit: Disney-AB TV]

The ability is quite odd considering how horrible spiders' eyesight are, and how they rely on taste stimuli and touch to catch their prey. The ability may be one that is rarely discussed but it allows Peter to see his enemies even in the dark, allowing him to take them down without the even knowing what hit them.

2. Super Speed And Agility

While everyone knows how Spider-Man is able to dodge incoming attacks due to his "Spider-Sense," Peter's ability to outrun a car with ease could easily replace his keen senses. In the comics, it is has been mentioned on multiple occasions that Spidey is faster than the average human, but how fast can he actually run?

Well, if we were to take this down to a science, the fastest recorded spider on foot was the Giant House Spider, known to run 1.73 feet per second, averaging about 1 mile per hour, which is slower than what most people walk. That distance would be about 330 times the average length of the Giant House Spider, and for this case, we would assume the same for Peter. In the comics Peter is 5'9", putting him at 1,947 feet every 10 seconds, resulting in average speed of 120 miles per hour.

So far we have yet to see this power displayed in the films, but this would certainly be a useful and awesome ability to see.

3. Talk To Spiders

'The Amazing Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony]
'The Amazing Spider-Man' [Credit: Sony]

Yes, you read that right. Spider-Man has a lot of useful abilities, but communicating with his eight-legged friends has allowed him to save many lives. Peter first gained this ability in "The Other" storyline, but originally only Peter's clone Scarlet Spider (Kaine) had this ability. However, the extent of that specific ability doesn't end there. Unlike Ant-Man, his communication skills are 100 percent biological and not developed by technology, allowing Peter to listen to what the spiders have to say as well as speaking to them. Take that, Hank Pym!

4. Mystical Abilities

Oddly enough, in Amazing Spider-Man #30 it was revealed that Peter had known less about his origin story than we originally thought. The radioactive spider didn't just bite him out of instinct, the spider was trying to get rid of the radiation before it killed the arachnid. After finding this out, Peter consulted Doctor Strange for help. Doctor Strange took him to the astral plane and — as crazy as it sounds — Peter finds out from a giant spider that he has mystical powers.

These abilities allow him to drain energy from others who have spider-like abilities, making him stronger. He can also send out a powerful beam of energy that could kill Captain America in one blow. Sadly, this power takes a long time for Peter to charge up. When new writers came in, they stopped acknowledging this ability, which is why it is largely forgotten by Marvel fans.

5. Enhanced Regeneration

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony]
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Sony]

Spider-Man certainly isn't a prolific healer when compared to Wolverine or Deadpool, but his healing factor comes with some cool features that Wolverine and others don't have: immunity to illnesses. Ever wonder why Spider-Man never takes a sick day off? His radioactive DNA means he never ails from human illness, giving Peter more time to fight crime as opposed to going to the doctor.

Peter's healing abilities have allowed him to completely heal from a gunshot wound in only two hours! This ability has allowed him to take on enemies much longer in battle than other superheroes, and gives him a great advantage.

6. Grow More Limbs

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

In "The Six Arms Saga" back in 1971, Peter gets tired of being a superhero, so he tries to get rid of his abilities with an "antidote." After he takes it, he falls into a deep sleep, only to wake up to discover that he has six arms, while still retaining his previous powers. The effects were nearly permanent, but Dr. Curt Connors was able to get rid of them (or so he thought).

Very rarely will Peter wake up with an extra two pairs of arms, but thanks to Dr. Connors, he has a antiserum that can prevent these extra limbs from growing for a time. Without the antiserum, Spider-Man can grow extra limbs to help him in combat.

7. Immunity To Radiation

Quite obviously, Spider-Man got his abilities from radiation, but that radiation mixed with his DNA, granting him to be immunity from all radiation. Meaning, we most likely won't see a Spider-Man/Hulk combination outside of fan fiction or the What If! storylines. Combine this with his ability to dodge illnesses, and he's basically immortal to compared to the average human.

Know any other Spider-Man powers I forgot to mention? Let me know down in the comments below!


What power do you want to see Spider-Man use in the MCU?

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