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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .

Meet Contributor - John Hopper
It's time for an interview!

The man who will become one of the most greatest Sci-Fi Potato movie writers, ever! Ladies and gentlemen I give you John Hopper!


Me: Welcome to the Evan Show that's directly located in my head.. How are you doing sir?

John: Yeah, pretty good mate.

Me: I've been reading some of your articles and they're really good, what got you into writing?

John: I have no idea. It's just something that was born inside of me. Just writing stories that come to life but also writing informative pieces pushed me into becoming a teacher. But it also pushes me into my movie making.

Me: What do you want to accomplish with your life that involves your passion for writing.?

John: My ultimate goal would be to be a story writer or screenplay writer for the movies.


Me: What's your favorite genre of movie?

John: That's so hard to choose. For most genres, I love everything about them in some way. I'll narrow it down to two: Science Fiction/Syfy and Drama

Me: NICE PICKS! Ok, you and I are running away from an evil space potato named're the writer, how will we escape?! We're in a spacecraft too!

John: We make it through an asteroid field. We stop. We check on the radar screen- nothing. What we don't realize is that the Larry has a cloaking device. As this revelation finally dawns on us, I turn to you. You start changing. Your arms turn to stalks, your eyes disappear. You become a potato. It then dawns on me. You were the potato agent that the galactic army were looking for. As your entire appearance changed, I knew what I had to do. Our ship was running on a nuclear reactor; the very thing Larry needed in order to annihilate the galactic army. I quickly strapped you in the chair as you began shaking and forming into a potato. As Larry moved in, I turned the ship around and faced the monstrosity. I looked back over my life. With my family dead, including my brother who was turning into a potato, I knew what had to be done. With all engines forward and operated, I headed for Larry

My expression after reading..
My expression after reading..

Me: That escalated quickly...By the way I'm looking forward to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, what superhero movie are you looking forward to watch?

John: Hmmm so many good ones this year- Cap 2, ASM 2, GotG, X-Men: DoFP. All of which are Marvel. So I can't choose. Cap 2 because of the the twists that it will have plus it will lead straight into Age of Ultron. Amazing Spider-Man 2 because of the villains and the story going deeper. Guardians of the Galaxy because they will lead into either Avengers 2 or 3 but because they are a bunch of a-holes. X-Men: Days of Future Past because it's pretty much X-Men 4 but it is also a sequel to First Class. Not to mention the story is fantastic and how it will also lead into Apocalypse. So literally, I cannot choose.


Me: Before we end this interview give me your own catch phrase

John: Just your friendly neighborhood Hopper

Me: Dear Lord, John, stop before you rob me of my childhood! Ehhh, well there you have it folks! I want to thank John Hopper for participating in this fake show inside my head, have a nice day!


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