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Way back in 2007, well-known creationist Eric Hovind (the son of Kent Hovind) met an up-and-coming director and 3D animation specialist, Ralph Strean. That's how the dream began - the dream to produce a full-length photo-realistic CGI documentary based on the biblical account of earth's creation.

The creationist movement has largely gone under the radar. In fact, most people don't even know what the term "creationist" even means. Public schools teach evolution, both micro and macro, to their students, and creationism isn't even mentioned. Creationism is the belief that God created the world according to what is written in the book of Genesis.

Eric and Ralph started their journey with an Indiegogo campaign. On December 1st, 2013, the project was funded 182% at $276,000! They realized there was indeed an audience out there that longed for a biblical representation of creation on the big screen.

Over the past few years, Ralph has been hard at work directing the Genesis movie, doing much of the animation himself. Concluding with a 3D shot countdown, the film was officially completed early 2017. Then came perhaps the biggest challenge of all: distribution.

With the new title of 'Genesis: Paradise Lost', Ralph Strean and his team started meeting with potential distribution companies for his faith-based film.

'Genesis: Paradise Lost' - a breakthrough independent film (created in partnership with Creation Today) recently made an agreement with Fathom Events to release in theaters for a one-night event.

But there's a catch: the studio has to provide a minimum of $350 million for distribution. This shouldn't be a shock to supporters. Movies produced by major studios spend millions on distribution, and Fathom Events is a grassroots company.

Provided the funds are raised by the deadline, 'Genesis: Paradise Lost' will be released in theaters November 13th, 2017. With the fundraising campaign at over 80% already, it looks as if Eric Hovind and Ralph Strean's dream is about to become a reality.

Our vision all along for this one-of-a-kind animated documentary has been to strengthen the faith of believers and to reach the lost with the Gospel.

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