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Making a scene in theaters this season is none other than La La Land. The Damien Chazelle film has been gaining much positive attention (this Film Adventurer included) as factors such as story and performances have made La La Land a must see for this year. Yet if there is one element that stands out from the rest in this movie it is none other than the musical factor to La La Land. From beginning to end La La Land features song and dance numbers that would make any Broadway proud. In all of its melodies and rhythms La La Land shows the importance that musicals has in both pop culture and the world of cinema; and if you do not believe me perhaps this breakdown on the film's musical factor will clarify things.

When it to musicals songs play a major factor because without them...well then it would not be a musical. At any rate musical numbers should always be a highlight for a show because they are to move the story and characters along as well as bring a sense of spectacle to the production. La La Land definitely lives up to this idea. If there was thing that stood out in this film's music it had to be its sense of variety. Now every musical features the likes duets, ballads and big time numbers; so in that regard La La Land did not change the foundation of the genre. However it was how the movie handled its music that made the difference. La La Land featured various types of music in its numbers, and this direction gave the film a stylish and unique concept. The only issue that I had with the music was the execution of the lyrics. Some of the lyrics, particularly in the film's opening numbers, could be drawn out by the score's bombastic nature. Aside from that issue there was no denying the effectiveness of La La Land's music as it lived to the expectations of this genre all the while bringing something refreshing to the table.

Then there was the dancing element of La La Land which was just as, if not more, important as the movie's music. The element of dance can be a crucial one in the musical genre, but it is not always necessary. Some new musical movies have had big dance numbers in them, but it feels as though recent films have not had a major emphasis on dancing This is not case for La La Land. The movie's dancing sequences were a homage to the golden days of musicals. This was quite evident in Mia and Sebastian's duet as their choreography felt like a scene out of a 40's film. Yet this not to say that La La Land did not break new ground with its dancing. Using distinct cinematography and effects allowed scenes such as the Observatory sequence and the film's finale to stand out in a way where they could easily be remembered in the years to come. While music is the defining factor for a musical dancing can also be just as important, and that point is definitely seen in this new holiday film.

With so many films a part of the musical genre, having La La Land stand out from the crowd was not an easy feat, but the movie found a way. Perhaps it was because of its stellar music and catchy tunes; then again it could be the movie's phenomenal dance numbers. Whatever it is La La Land not only shows the vital role that musicals play on the silver screen but how original ones are still possible to create to point where this film could very well start a new surge in this classic genre.

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