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After a year filled with speculation, details on for Star Wars Episode VIII are finally emerging. The next chapter in the Star Wars Saga will be arriving later this year with director Rian Johnson at the helm for the holiday blockbuster. Since the movie was quickly teased last year there has been little to no information on the upcoming film; which made sense as Lucasfilms have been focusing their attention with the Star Wars spinoff film-Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Yet now with Rogue One in theaters viewers eyes will soon be looking towards Episode VIII and what to expect from the anticipated feature. Although information on the film is still scarce, moviegoers can finally give a name to this upcoming blockbuster. Revealed today by Lucasfilms Episode VIII will officially be known as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The studio revealed this information on along with with the film's first poster which is just the logo to the movie. So now that Episode VIII has a title, what does this mean for The Last Jedi?

When it comes titles the Star Wars films tend to have names that range from simplistic to thematic, and this one is no different. To no surprise the title The Last Jedi suggest that this chapter will center on none other than Luke Skywalker; whom was referred as such in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Given that Episode VII spent its time on searching for Luke it only makes sense that the iconic hero would be taking center stage in Episode VIII. Yet perhaps The Last Jedi has another meaning behind its title. This title features a sense of gravity as indicates that status of the Jedi in the Star Wars galaxy; all the while raising the stakes from the previous film. This is made apparent in the choice to make the Star Wars logo red oppose to its standard yellow. This may seem like a simple change that allows the logo (and the film's poster) to stand out, but this direction could also indicate that Episode VIII will be dealings with themes that are both drastic as well as dark.

Needless to say the new title to Episode VIII makes a bold, albeit expected, statement. The film centering on Luke Skywalker was a given as was the movie's inevitable darker presentation, but that does not make the title The Last Jedi any less crucial. This title not only insinuates what has become of Luke, but what it means for the galaxy as a whole. My hope is that the new movie deals with these impending themes and concepts in a matter that has not been seen in the previous chapters of the Star Wars Saga. In any case this reveal shows that the film franchise is getting 2017 started in a big way, and this could very well mean that exciting times are ahead for both moviegoers and Star Wars fans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters on December 15th.


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