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If news of a return from horror classic 'Alone in the Dark' got your motor running then the latest development news fresh out of the depths of Bethesda and id Software will have you running and gunning for joy!

A brave new world, gone to hell

Originally coined ‘Doom 4’ but now known simply as 'Doom,’ this brand new reboot developed solely for next gen machines pays homage to a classic game. This new Doom has focused on the franchises real gaming roots. The first ever footage and game info was showcased at this year’s Quakecon -

"As you've probably noticed from the teaser, the game is called Doom, not Doom 4, and not something like Enemy Territory: Doom Wars," Stratton said.

The game will launch on PCs, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and will be running on id Tech 6 — or "id Tech 666," as the dev team calls it, Stratton joked.

Yes, that is correct, I said next gen only, Doom will be using the new id Tech 6 engine or ‘id Tech 666’, which is said to support 1080p and 60 frames per second gameplay. The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, NOT Xbox360 or ps3.

Doom Reboot teaser image
Doom Reboot teaser image

The development, and its reveal presentation, has focused mostly on the tenets of the series' fast-paced combat. Stratton outlined the different "ingredients" that went into their favorite series installments, including a cast of over-the-top demonic enemies, huge and inventive weapons — "which you can carry all at the same time," Stratton confirmed, and quick combat, free of regenerating health. Meaning you have to do it the old fashioned way and pick up med packs from the floor, hidden area or dead guys.

How it plays out

Doom will play out in a similar vain to Doom 1 and Doom 2, not going specifically down the roots of survival horror, as Doom 3 did. Gameplay will include a lot of run and gun tactics, as well as new features such as jetpacks (which put a new emphasis on finding higher ground and climbing up out of the way of enemies.) providing non linear gameplay.

“You get to punctuate a lot more with triumphs and successes, and you just don't get to do that very much in survival horror. You know, you want to say, 'I'm victorious,' not, 'I'm not dead.' It's just a fundamentally more rewarding genre to be in.
Doom 4 - Doom reboot Besthesda
Doom 4 - Doom reboot Besthesda

Finishing moves and parkour style gaming is the hottest thing, and Doom has it! Similar to Ryse: Son of Rome, critically wounded enemies will flash when they’re near death, allowing you to pull off jaws, stomp on skulls, and pull out hearts. The iconic chainsaw is also involved.

Another segment of the demo gameplay showcased at Quakecon saw the player rip the arm off of a nearby corpse, and use the severed appendage to activate a keypad on a locked door.

Severed limbs were the order of the day, at the end of the gameplay demo, a flying demon got the best of the player, ripping his arms off and beating him to death with them. In another demo, the player ripped out a chainsaw, which allowed him to carve up demons in different directions, very similar to the Gears of War type Grub dismemberment. Rocket launchers separated demons' top-parts from their bottom-parts.

Doom Bethesda and id Software
Doom Bethesda and id Software

It looked like proper, violent Doom and was met with deafening applause from the audience with each new weapon, new execution animation, and gibbing. No sign of the BFG yet though!

The Doom story will begin outside on the Mars surface, right at the outset of a demonic invasion. A portal to hell has been accidentally opened during an experiment at what I presume to be a UAC facility. Executive producer Marty Stratton is adamant the game will -

‘be going back to what made the original great - fast action, run-and-gun, inventive and creative combat’.

Bad guy wise, it’s a fright fest. With a particular focus on having an array of big, bad and ugly demons to carve your way through, it is certainly set to deliver on action. We could see demons ranging from imps, hell knights, up to Cyberdemon bosses.

Exactly when Doom is set for release is unknown but we believe we are looking at an early 2015 release.

Quakecon 2014 - Wolfenstein reveal
Quakecon 2014 - Wolfenstein reveal

Although the original developer of Doom Id Software is once again behind the reins, almost nobody that worked on the original remains at the company, with co-founder John Carmack having recently left to work at Oculus VR.

The movie potential

Personnel within id Software have expressed interest in making a new Doom movie that actually follows the Doom storyline, unlike the original Doom movie starring The Rock. Todd Hollenshead has openly aired his interest in a possible Doom movie following the storyline of Doom 4 (DOOM) itself, whatever that may be. He hopes that the hype for Doom 4 (Doom) will encourage Universal Studios into talks about the project's possibility.

Remember this piece of video game to movie homage, and was this the first ever ADS (FPS) sequence in a movie?

What do you think about the original Doom movie and could a movie based on the original Doom work?

As the scene above demonstrates, Doom succeeded not only because of the alien nature of its level design and visuals, but because it threw enemies at you. The landscape would shift, spewing demons at you, or monsters would simply teleport in to try to overwhelm you. The rhythm of firing the shotgun and waiting for the reloading animation to cycle provided a sort of atonal musical quality to the play; you began to feel the beats of the action as you avoided the enemy's projectiles and unloaded your weapons at them.


Will it ever be as good as the original?

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