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Ever wondered what it would be like to step into someone else’s shoes in Fallout 4? Well, now you can say goodbye to the sole survivor and Vault 111 and get ready to enjoy your new life in Fallout 4. This alternate life mod allows players to start all over again in Fallout 4 as a totally new character.

This totally kick-ass mod allows players to approach the multi-award winning RPG in a brand new, refreshing fashion. Using the alternate-beginnings mod, players can forgo the traditional Fallout 4 opening sequence and instead begin a life as someone else.

This new game mode will mean that players will begin their adventure in a location completely different to Vault 111 and, thus, have the ability to carve another fascinating story for themselves as their new character.

Begin a new game as anything from a Raider to a Mercenary — this incredibly diverse mod will cater to any playstyle as it allows the user to choose from almost all the in-game factions.

Check out the list of possible starting points, characters, and perks. Keep in mind, this is a highlighted selection; the mod is far more extensive than this!

  • A member of the Church Of Atom
  • Skip the pre-war and Vault 111 sequences
  • Start stranded on a broken down/sinking boat in the middle of the ocean
  • Become a gunner conscript and claim a new FOB
  • An adventurer seeking the Atom Cats
  • A quickly inducted BoS initiate who quickly came under attack
  • BoS-Boston runaway
  • Mercenary For Hire
  • Nathan (Drake) The Scav
  • Scum (raider)
  • Cut-Throat Fashion
  • Random Protocol mode
  • Custom Protocol mode
  • Enclave Remnant Soldier
  • Enclave Remnant Scientist
  • NCR Ranger
  • Shi-Huang-Ti Agent

Everything else in the game should stay the same — the character-creation tool will still be available; once you have decided upon whom your character will be, you will be able to edit the appearance and gender as normal.

A new life in Fallout 4 — hell yeah! In the relatively brief time that Fallout 4 has been out, the modding community has produced some truly awesome adaptations to Bethesda’s latest title and, by the looks of it, these incredible creations are only set to get even more astounding.

Who would you choose to start a new life with in Fallout 4?

Source: NexusMods