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Some say that Sony won E3 this year simply with the amount of games that they unveiled. The number though is not the key point here, it is the quality – the quality of all Sony’s games was far and above anything we could have expected. Sony’s E3 premise was very clear this year – games, games and more games and you know what, that is exactly what I wanted from E3.

Amongst the many other gripping titles Sony revealed, one particular open world game stood out more than the others. It goes by the name of Days Gone and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The opening trailer for Days Gone was set out in the form of a monologue read by our protagonist. He told his story as the video flashed through various snippets of gameplay. It was beautifully cheesy and I have to admit that it got my attention.

At first, I thought I was watching the long awaited return of The Last of Us – I thought maybe Joel had embraced a new look and decided to take to the road as a biker. The game looked very similar to The Last of Us – the light dynamic, the environment and the character design was all perfectly fitting for a Last of Us continuation. I could feel the excitement bubbling up within me and the rest of the audience as the trailer went on to showcase more derelict and decaying cities, hordes of infected and vast expanses of wilderness.

But then, the title was displayed, the title, Days Gone filled the screen. Aww snap, not The Last of Us but still a good looking game. So, at this stage I was definitely intrigued but when the gameplay demonstration kicked in about half an hour later I was immediately hooked!

No, it wasn’t The Last of Us but by this point I no longer cared, this was an all new breed of open world survival horror. Set within a post-apocalyptic world saturated with infected humanoid creatures that move in a way never seen before in the genre, Days Gone is every bit as revolutionary as it is beguiling.

Days Gone sees the player step into the shoes of outlaw mercenary, Deacon St. John. Deacon St. John is a man with a painful past – John prefers to live his new life on the open road. There are various safe zones scattered throughout the world but our hero is not a man willing to play happy families anymore. Haunted by what we assume to be the loss of his beloved John sets out to put the infection down one zombie at a time.

We jump into the game two years after a global incident (unknown at this time) which has pretty much wiped out the entire planet. The ones that remain alive and human, are forced to deal with what is left of the ‘dead and decaying’ race. Those that did not make it out alive were transformed into feral humanoid type beings that now live for one purpose, and that is to feed.

These wild creatures known in the game as Freakers are totally feral and move in a way never before seen in a game. They are in effect zombies but their movement is something else - this is where my World War Z reference comes into play.

They mainly collect in hordes and these hordes move almost as one, they flow like water over obstacles and into buildings, it is an absolute terrifying spectacle.

They are fast, really fast and will stop at nothing to get to you. They use the bodies of the dead to climb buildings and scale fences the more you kill the more leverage they have to get to you – its f***** up! Just check this gameplay video.

Deacon St. John is free to roam the open world, collecting gear, upgrading weapons and earning coins as a gun for hire. I expect that aside from the main narrative players will be able to roam around taking on jobs as and when you meet various in game characters.

The game will feature a dynamic weather system, inclusive of a day and night cycle – by the looks of these things you do not want to get caught in the middle of nowhere at night. , Deacon St. John has a small advantage out here due to his somewhat chequered past as an outlaw but will this be enough to stay alive in Days Gone?

This is looking to be a great open world experience with plenty of survival thrown in. Days Gone is a new and refreshing approach to the genre that promises to be one of the top horror shooters of 2016. I am in!

What do you make of Days Gone?