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This article is for the game changers, the innovators, this is for the players, this is PS4!

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been a revelation to the console gaming world. To date, the unit has sold in excess of 40 Million units. These record breaking numbers are indicative of a truly groundbreaking industry shift. Although contested by Microsoft’s Xbox One, the PS4 still reigns supreme at the top of the gaming ladder.

The PS4 has many cool and fascinating features for players to tinker with, like pre-loading your pre-ordered games or using your Smartphone as a keyboard. But hold up, there’s more -- there are literally dozens of PS4 features that you may not know about.

Of course, some of these features you may already know, but hopefully, most you won’t – what is important here is that if you know a sneaky feature that is not included in the list below, you have to add it in the comments. Share the love; after all it’s for the players.

21. Log in with facial recognition

If you’ve got your PlayStation 4 camera set up/attached you can use it for hands free login. Simply go into Login Settings, scroll down to Face Recognition and press enable. Job done.

20. Double clicking the ‘Share’ button records your gameplay.

You can even mess with the share button settings to allow you to set the screenshot button up as just one click of the ‘Share’ button. This certainly helps in action packed gameplay. Accessible via ‘Share settings’.

19. You can charge your DualShock controller with your phone charger

Save the hassle of using your console, simply plug it into your phone charger via a suitable outlet and it will charge in a fraction of the time.

18. Use your Smartphone as a keypad

Using the Playstation app (download) you can use your Smartphone to navigate the PS4 dash.

17. Control the PS4 with your voice

Using the PS4 camera you can control your PS4 with your voice, anything from ‘PlayStation off’ to ‘PlayStation Volume down.’ If you don’t have the PlayStation camera you can still control your PS4 with your voice via the headset.

16. There is a secret reset button on your DualShock controller

If your controller decides to go rogue on you, you can easily reset the Firmware on the controller by pushing the tiny button located on the back of the controller (near the L2 button). Push this and it will totally reset your controller.

15. You can quickly switch between your game and apps

By double tapping the PS button you can toggle between your last app and your current game. Great way to check notifications etc whilst gaming.

14. Motion control for typing

You can use the right thumb stick for motion control typing. Saves a ton of time in the long run but is tricky to pick up. Try it at least once. When in keypad screen click on the right stick and give it a go.

13. Turn your light bar down

You can dim your light bar via the ‘Adjust settings’ menu found when PS button is held.

12. Add your own commentary to your gameplay

Oh yea, by going to Options > Share Settings > Video Clip Settings > Microphone Audio you can add your own voice to any of your recorded clips.

11. Play your own music whilst in-game

By pairing your phone with your PS4 you can substitute the game music with your own without using any onscreen apps, simple press play/pause/skip etc on your phone.

10. Download games ready for when you get home

By using the PlayStation app you can download games remotely form wherever you are. This means that the game can download whilst you are away and will be ready for you when you get home. Done via Download list > Download to PS4.

9. Play on your PS4 from anywhere in the world using your Vita

If you have synced your Vita to your PS4 you can then access your PS4 game library and play any game from your library on your Vita. Perfect for those long train journeys.

8. Rearrange the default button assignment on your DualShock controller

This is pretty obscure but if you go to accessibility settings and then to button assignment you will see an option that reads ‘custom button assignments’ – from here you can change everything.

7. Change the name of your PS4

Brilliant for when you use voice commands. By going through settings > system > system information you can actually change the name of your PS4. I suggest something hilarious.

6. You can finally tell how rare your trophies are

In the PS4 trophy menu on the right you can see a small percentage rating – this is your rare-o-metre.

5. Use your Vita as another controller

By clicking through Settings > PS Vita controller you can then click ‘remote play, direct’ and this will then allow you to use the Vita as another controller. Perfect for when friends come round and you don’t have enough controllers.

4. Friends can play your games on their PS4 (even if they don’t own it)

Using PlayStation Share Play, players are able to give full control of their game to a friend online. Great for sharing gaming experiences or if you want a friend to try a game that you love. Using this programme allows players from anywhere in the world to play games that their friends own.

3. Control your PS4 with your TV remote

Depending on what TV you have there is the possibility for you to use your TV remote as a navigational tool for your PS4. Click through settings > system > enable HDMI device link. Once enabled, you can use your TV’s controller on your PS menu.

2. Clear up your dash

You can limit the number of apps that appear on the home screen. This is done simply by clicking through settings > system > limit number of apps displayed on home screen.

1. Download games from PS4 to Vita

You must make the most of your PlayStation Plus membership. Did you know that you can browse the store on your PS4 and download games you like directly to your PS Vita? Oh yes, simply select the game you want and choose your destination.

What cool features have you found on your PS4?