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Pokémon GO is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular mobile game available for download right now. Players in their millions are taking to the streets in search of their childhood favorites as the global population is whipped up into a Pokémon catching frenzy with no sign of slowing.

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Pokémon GO Maps To Help You Catch The Rarest of the Rare

But, as many a Pokémon GO trainer will tell you, it can be difficult pinning down those pesky beasts’ locations, especially the rarer types. Ploughing in the hours may not always result in a good hunt, sure you may catch a truck load of Rattatas, but those more coveted ‘rarer’ Pokémon still manage to elude many of us.

Well, with the aid of some brilliantly techie people, these illusive creatures will find it a lot harder to hide form us trainers from now on. These three Pokémon GO maps will help you pinpoint the Pokémon you want in your local area. Will you be the first to find Mewtwo?

1. Pokecrew

Pokecrew is an awesome new app that is able to track your location and show you exactly where all the local Pokémon are hiding. The app will even tell you how far away the little guys are. This means that instead of blindly trekking through the wilderness you can pinpoint the Pokémon you most need and head to that specific area. The map doesn't do all the work for you though, all it does is show you the rough location of that specific Pokémon, you will still have to hunt it down and, once found, catch the creature.

Pokecrew also has a ‘chance of sighting’ meter, which tells the player how likely they are to find the Pokémon they are hunting and at what time of the day it is most likely to appear.

The maps are still in development but are being updated each and every second of every day. The maps will continue to evolve and be populated with new Pokémon GO data. This is done via community updates and the like.

It may be a little sparse in some rural areas, simply due to population density, but it will get better and better as time goes on, according to the developers.

2. The ‘Gotta Catch ‘Em All’ map

The Gotta Catch ‘Em All map is by far the most comprehensive of all the maps out there. Not only will it show you the location of the Pokémon but it'll put them in their relevant categories - Common, Uncommon, Rares, Ultra Rares and Epics.

This way players are able to prioritize their pokemons with ease, saving precious time as certain Pokémon only spawn between certain time periods. There is one major problem however; it is only available in Boston.

Sorry everyone else, but the devs are apparently working on expansion – stay tuned.

3. Don’t forget Pokemapper

Pokemapper is the least well developed of the three but still offers trainers a great advantage, provided the app has been frequently used in your area. This again relies on community updates, so it's expected to get bigger and better with each passing day.

These maps are a great tool to have if you're a dedicated Pokémon GO trainer, gifting you a heads up that may help you clinch those precious rare monsters in time.

It's worth bearing in mind however, that as with most things Pokémon GO, the servers for all three of these maps can get a little overloaded so be aware that it may take a bit of time to load.

What is the rarest Pokémon you have caught?