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Pokémon GO trainers stop and pay attention for one minute, because there is some big news coming out from the industry right now. Legendary Entertainment has secured the deal to bring a live-action Pokémon movie to Hollywood.

The movie, which will be the first of many live-action adventures, is set to star the franchise legend, Pikachu. According to Variety, the first official live-action movie will be a ‘Detective Pikachu’ adventure that has subsequently been fast tracked for development in 2017. Pikachu will be setting out on many a trouble stricken adventure with his supporting cast (of humans).

Pokemon GO related content:

Legendary Entertainment’s choice of lead character is a considered one - Pikachu is iconic and is guaranteed to draw in the crowds but more importantly, Pikachu is one of the rare few Pokémon that can talk. This means that the movie will be able to include a decent amount of dialogue.

This got us to thinking, if Pikachu can talk, which performer would be best to take on the role? As it turns out, we were not the only ones thinking that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star, Danny DeVito would be a stellar fit for the role of Pikachu.

The title chosen for the upcoming live-action adaptation, Detective Pikachu was originally a video game that released last year in Japan, so far, it is unclear whether or not the live-action movie will follow the game's narrative. The Japanese game, Detective Pikachu was generally well received and came with a brilliant trailer.

This is where it all gets rather brilliant. YouTuber, Teahollow1 has taken that Japanese trailer and dubbed it with many a perfect line from DeVito himself . The new trailer has taken lines from his previous roles, such as Frank from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and the Penguin in Batman Returns, to turn this trailer into a solid gold work of genius.

The result is nothing short of astounding, Pikachu takes on a whole new persona with DeVito’s gravitas behind the animation. This is genuinely the best Pokémon related thing I have seen all week. Take a look.

Isn’t that just the best?! There is even a petition set up to campaign for Danny DeVito to star as Pikachu in the new movie - "Get Danny DeVito to voice the English version of Detective Pikachu". That petition has already reached its 25,000 signature goal and continues to climb.

Here's an excerpt of the petition:

There are a number of us that feel as though Danny DeVito would be a prime fit for the voice acting role of the Detective Pikachu. We want to make this happen.

What a way to break into the live-action business – a darker, more torrid adventure for our beloved Pikachu to embrace. ‘The Dark Pikachu Rises’ could possibly be a better title?

Of course, this is all just a bit of fun, but now is the time to start considering who is fit to cast in such a movie.

Who would you cast in the new Pokémon Movie, coming 2017?

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