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Telltale are turning their games into genuine episodic shows in which the audiences will play a vital role in influencing the narrative. You don’t even need to own the game yourself to take part, just switch on and get stuck in.

The new episodic adaptation of Batman will not be a single player only affair. Fans will soon be able to genuinely live vicariously through Telltales brilliantly beautiful storylines. Telltale’s latest superhero signing will be pioneering not only a new direction for Bruce Wayne but a brand new multiplayer system that is to be integrated into all of the studios games, beginning with Batman.

Speaking at this year’s Comic-con, Telltale’s communications boss, Job Stauffer revealed that the new title will be the first Telltale title to feature the brand new concept, referred to as ‘crowd play'; a feature that will allow for others to influence the decisions you, as the player, makes.

Telltales new Batman really is taking us somewhere we have never been before. I am still trying to get over that trailer which, released just before comic-con, revealed a lot more than just a few new faces.

The studio has promised us a brand new take on the franchise and, so far, they are right on the money. Not only are they breaking the mould for Batman but with the introduction of this revolutionary new audience participation mechanic, it is clear that, Telltale is really going all out on this one.

Crowd Play – What is it, how does it work?

First off, Batman will be the first game to introduce this crowd play feature; it will be introduced across other Telltale games at a later date.

When active, the system will set up a custom URL that others watching the game can access, this link will allow the observers to help steer the player through potentially difficult situations.

The system will allow for people to vote and comment on what is going on in the player’s game. There will be different settings of crowd play - one mode will allow the player to retain full control of the game, no matter what the public votes suggests. The other mode will work on a majority rule type basis, meaning that the player will be forced to follow the majority vote; great fun for those on the outside looking in. Without that sense of control it is not much different to a normal stream event.

Honestly, this is great! Telltale has been telling us for years how our decisions align with the rest of the world, and now we can see if our decisions are fitting with the masses in real time. From The Walking Dead to Telltale's latest superhero chronicle, players will now be able to access live streams of any Telltale game and immediately start influencing the story.

This will be especially brilliant for those that enjoy to play and watch live streaming sessions on YouTube or Twitch. Spectators will be able to access these URL’s from anywhere in the world via gaming consoles and mobile devices.

I am, genuinely, all for this. This takes audience interaction that one step further – plus, I get to make the decisions I am personally too scared to make in my own games within someone else’s – it’s brilliant.

Soon, come August 4, we will all be able to say, 'I am Batman!'

What Telltale game do you want to see made multiplayer next?

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