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That's So Raven was a show that ran on the from 2003-2007. It was a fan favorite, and was one of the first shows on the channel to break the 65-episode rule: That shows would run for three seasons then stop before they got too stale. It was a fan favorite, and made a household name.

Raven shocked fans and co-stars alike when she made her announcement on that she would be leaving the show to return to the Disney Channel to play Raven Baxter once again in a spin-off series of the popular show. While she didn't have many details at the time, there is new information about her family in the series.

In the reboot, Raven will be a single mother with two kids, a daughter and a son. Her daughter, Nia, is one who inherits her mom's psychic abilities. Much like her mom, her visions and desire to help others gets her "in over her head." Considering all the trouble that Raven used to get into on the show when she was a kid, and all her wacky disguises, this honestly shouldn't be a surprise. Hopefully Nia can get that psychic stare down.

Her son, Booker, is described as "surprisingly adept at turning the tables and standing up for himself." Perhaps he will be a little bit of a troublemaker like Raven's younger brother, Corey, was?

They aren't the only ones joining in on the fun. Chelsea, Raven's quirky best friend, will be returning, as well. She will also be a single mother to son Levin, and moving in with her best friend. Sounds a bit like Fuller House, but she was always over there anyway, so why not? Raven and Anneliese have already proven in the past that they still have a great friendship and love for the show when they performed the theme song together during Anneliese's concert in NYC back in September 2015:

Hopefully, the reboot will be just as quirky and fun as the original.

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