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Beauty and the Beast is a well known story in the Disney Renaissance. From its story to the artwork, it is one of the most popular fairy tales there is. However, another thing it's known for is its songs and one thing fans have been waiting in anticipation for is to hear the cast singing the songs that were made famous by Paige O'Hara, Robbie Benson, and the rest of the cast.

Disney has released its first glimpse into the soundtrack, with a short clip of Emma Watson singing the song "Something There", which she sings as she starts to realize that there is more to the Beast then she thought.

Her voice is light and lilting, different then the original voice but still interesting in its own way. She definitely has a lovely voice, and it is good to know that the actors will be singing their own parts for the roles. I can't wait to hear more from her.

Beauty and the Beast Hits Theaters March 17. 2017


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