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Not the villains, the team. Where were the fans when the comics were pulled or when Marvel stopped marketing them? Suddenly a bad film comes along and everyone seems like a fan or at least everyone wants them back. Look at this as a business perspective. It would not be awesome to the average film goer to see that another F4 film has been made. Look, I think Marvel could buy the rights, I just don't know if they will, yet. And as for villains. Just because they get the rights to Doom or Silver Surfer DOES NOT mean they will get utilized well. We have seen countless times where Marvel does not focus on villains. Marvel could have had a great rogues gallery in their films but all they have right now is The Winter Soldier, Loki, and for some Ultron. What has Thanos done? How do you know he will be good. Marvel simply doesn't utilize their villains well.

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