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Small and tiny apartments in downtown areas are loved by people. The main point behind is their proximity to getting all essential things. Tiny apartments have many positives like rent, close to market, offices, comfortable allure. Remember the proverb small is beautiful. Let us see how to decorate your apartment at Urban Ladder and live big.

Focus on things and install them that catches your imagination and visitors eye. You have to do a balancing act for placing it.

1. Carefully identify spots

At the first sight, it seems to herculean task to find space. But, sit down on one day with a note and survey the areas, define them one by one. Put shoe and coat racks close to the entrance. Place a rock between the kitchen and dining table for additional space and easy serving. Bring sofa and bed closer to view your living area. If you have an interest in hobby say for example bike race, it is possible to create a rack for it.

2. Install dual-purpose furniture

In the tiny apartment each and every inch is important. Instead of making furniture’s, order them that suit your budget and style. The apt fit for dual furniture is your bedroom. Buy a trundle bed that can be made as a sofa set for watching television. Buy a hollow ottoman useful for storage, dining table comes with a built-in leaf to welcome your guests.

3. Go upright with the storeroom

Use the vertical and horizontal space in your apartment. Install two matching bookshelves on either side of the entrance to your bedroom. For folding furniture use the available space on the wall. Above the kitchen entrance set up a shelf to place kitchen items.

4. Select a light color palette

When choosing colors for your apartment keep it light shades, because of the things behind it visible. Dark and rich colors make the space to small. Try a light color palette for your interiors and ensure the colors are two light and one bright shade.

5. Do away unwanted things once a year

Keep in mind while adding more materials for the apartment. Sometimes you find it difficult to find a space. It is possible that you cannot hide them while living in a tiny apartment. Once a year evaluates the things or materials and you will be doubly surprised to see so many unwanted materials.

6. Migrate to the floating design trend

Don’t buy bulky furniture for your apartment, because they occupy a large space blocking the view. Instead, install floating designed shelves for a bookcase. Try floating sink in place of usual vanity.

7. Add curves to décor furniture

Most tiny apartments are built in box type. To add space fix some curves to the furniture. Instead of conventional dining table order a round dining table. Another smart idea is to install a sofa or chair set with angled sides.

Don’t think to live in a tiny apartment need you to spend more on interior decoration. Strike a chord between mobility and the materials. You will be overwhelmed upon implementing the idea that proves small is indeed beautiful.

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