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If you are reading this, you will probably already know by now that Disney has just bought Fox. This means that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally gotten their hands on the other Marvel properties that were owned by Fox at the time which includes the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. But what will it mean for the already established MCU and X-Men universe?

At this point, Marvel is currently housing an agreement with Sony to include Spider-Man in the MCU already. If you've seen this past summer's Spider-Man Homecoming, then you probably already know that Sony already owns the rights to the famous web slinger. And we are going to get Spider-Man once again in Avengers: Infinity War next summer.

On the X-Men side of things, we already are aware that Fox is preparing to release X-Men Dark Phoenix next fall. But one has to consider if it will either be placed within the Marvel Cinematic Universe or if it will be placed within the continuity of the X-Men that was established way back in 2011. And it has also been confirmed that Fox will release Deadpool 2 in June next summer with a long line of other films set in the X-Men movie universe. But if they decide to scratch everything and decide to reboot the series into the MCU, it could mean that there will be a bunch of Avengers references. But it will have to be after Avengers 4 comes out to close out Phase 3.

In regards to the Fantastic Four, their movie run has not been all that satisfying. If you remember back in 2005, Fox had released a film based on said team. In 2007, they released a sequel dubbed Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Then years later, in 2015, we got a reboot that retold the origin story and was critically bombed and was not a box office success. One interesting thing is that the character of Johnny Storm/Human Torch was played respectively by Chris Evans who plays Captain America and Michael B. Jordan who will play Erik Killmonger in the forthcoming Black Panther film. Now that Marvel has the Fantastic Four back, this could mean that we will be getting characters associated with said team including Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom and Galactus among others.

But if they are to establish the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let's say that it is set some time during when SHIELD was operative before the HYDRA takeover and a SHIELD officer assigns the team to investigate a cosmic storm in space and that would result in the Fantastic Four being within the same universe as the Avengers and now the X-Men if this goes. That would mean that they will have to reboot the Fantastic Four again and hopefully get them right.

So what are your thoughts about the Fantastic Four and the X-Men joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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