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Batman, Doctor Who, Underworld, Arrow, & Alicia Witt. These are a few of my favoite things

For years I've heard about this 1980s horror film called Chopping Mall. I love '80s movies & horror. This sTurns out the movie title is just a pun. There is a real lack of chopping. Killbots would have been a more fitting name & that was the original title. This movie is also a horror comedy. Not that it's very funny. It's just less serious.

I was actually into the film at first. However, that '80s charm wore off quickly. These kilobits were basically robot guards at a mall. Something goes wrong, as it does, & they start murdering people. Sounds good. Lightning not only has tothe power to make King Kong stronger, but it also turns your guard bots to killbots! These bots must've been possessed by murders because they go on a killing spree. Murdering everyone in stylish ways. Why would these bots have programs to do that? Why would they need to hide the bodies like a slasher villain?

Also, these bots are magic. Push doors that only open in the direction you are going, open the opposite direction. They must have had a flair for the dramatic chip installed.

These young adults or teens, it's hard to tell in these type of movies, were stupid. Wait. I'm sorry. That's harsh. They were annoying, bland, idiots, that I did not care for. I never worked at a mall but would employees get together for a party at the mall after it's closed? Why would you want to? Do your banging at home people. You really want pervy old men watching you on a tv has you go to bone town?! Even if you are into it, there must be better places for it right? There's one scene that had 3 couples trying to get their dead on within throwing distance of each other. One big room with no walls. 6 people shagging. If this was an orgy or a gang bang, I'd wouldn't notice. Also there is the typical '80s nerd couple watching a B movie from the '50s. I think I'd rather be watching it.

There's one character that I hated. Not because he was jerk. Because he was always chewing gum with his mouth open. It was so annoying! Not as annoying as his death though. He got off way too easy. He basically got put to sleep. Meanwhile, the girl he was banging, has a server case of Gallagher Head.

I feel a lot of effects were used on that & the colorful lazy beams. These bots have horrible aim when the employees are standing in one place with no protection. But if you are running away than you will be shot. Also, if you are a sexy blonde in your underwear that has extreme close ups on your ads so we can see that tiny Playboy Bunny logo. Don't be shocked if you shot in the ass! Even though the actress no sold it & there was no burn marks, doesn't mean it wasn't necessary.

There was another blonde bitching that was crawling to safety in a airduct & got shot in the leg. She screamed comedicly while her friends hide & watch. She could have tried to crawl away or run but clearly screaming annoyingannoyingly was called for. However when she's lit on fire she can walk again! Then fall. Doesn't attempt to roll. But keeps screaming. Not sure if she ever died.

By this time I tuned out. I wasn't having fun watching & couldn't wait for it to end. I remember the only brunette girl was shot & assume her boyfriend tried to revenge her & died. The nerd girl survives with one liners & exploding paint. Her fellow nerd guy she just meat lives too & they are all happy. Despite having their friends murdered by robots.

I was very disappointed by this film. I was in the right mood. I wanted to see this for years. It didn't deliver. It has a cult following. I wouldn't recommend it but I don't hate it. Maybe I'm spoiled by shitty films like Don't Go into the Woods (2010) that nothing else fazes me?

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