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Hot off the wheels of the season 6 finale, we're all feeling the feels when it comes to the Game of Thrones cast and characters. We celebrate their triumphs, we cry with them, and scream "ZIG ZAG YOU FOOL!" at the TV. If anything, the last six seasons have been testament to what an amazing and talented cast they are. But when they're not toying with our hearts, the cast have an amazing time with each other. From painting the town red (not red wedding style) to cheeky posts, here's 10 times the Game of Thrones loved each other AND their characters!

When Peter Dinklage knew the importance of a squad

Peter Dinklage can definitely appreciate the importance of a good squad. Especially when it contains the Mother of Dragons, a master translator, a warrior and the rest of the unsullied.

When Massie Williams and Sophie Turners were Queens to bend the knee to

Massie and Sophie are the top Game of Thrones besties, and even created their own couple name 'Mophie'. The two of them often post a variety of epic pictures together and hilarious vines. The pair have even admitted to planning out their dream Arya-Sansa reunion on the show!

Hold tight my London Krewwwww

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What is dead may never least for one of them

They're not just brothers in the show. Richard Madden and Kit Harrington have a real bromance. In a quick interview with POPSUGAR Entertainment, Kit admitted to having the biggest man crush on Richard and voted him Westeros' Sexiest Man - a title we can all agree with.

Blues resolved

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Even the Battle of the Bastards couldn't keep these two apart

Battle of the Bastard didn't just bring the Starks back to Winterfell, it also blossomed a new bromance. You can see in the image below Kristofer Hivju and Dean S Jagger fresh off the set. Despite being on opposing sides, and trying to kill one another, it seems nothing can stop this friendship.

You become a bit crazy after 4 week on the battlefield! Love working with this man - He did GREAT work as Smalljon Umber - follow him at @deansjagger ! We had so much fun on and off screen!

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Daenerys was just a tad happy that Jon was alive

Emilia Clarke is pretty known for having the funniest instagram ever. You can see her having a movie night with the Stark sisters, and even having some fun times with her unsullied warriors. Definitely worth a follow for all the Game of Thrones friendship feels!

WAIT WHAT???!!!!! The truth is out but the six pack is in.... phew what a relief ...

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Guess the sausage was forgive and forget

While that image of Ramsay smugly eating a sausage, after Theon's...loss, will remain in our minds forever. Looks like these two have patched things up! Can't fault Alfie Allen being a bit silly with Tom Wlaschiha and Iwen Rheon. I wonder if Tom can ask the many faced god for a new appendage on behalf of Theon!

Regram @tomwlaschiha great pic

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And Jaime was just a tad scared of Arya

And he should be! With Arya slowly making her way down her kill list, I'm hoping Jaime and his luscious locks won't be next.

When the Lannister family wasn't as dysfunctional as it would seem

Peter Dinklage was good friends with Lena Headey before the show even started. In fact, he was the one who recommended her to producers for the part of Cersei. Charles Dance, who plays Tywin Lannister, admitted to apologising profusely to Peter after each take because Tywin treated Tyrion so badly! Nikolai and Lena also have their own inside jokes - with Nikolai once referring to Lena as his "special sister"!

And we all knew which side of the Summer Sea we wanted to be on

So it turns out that Grey Worm does have a sense of humour! Tyrion would be so proud. Here's the Mother of Dragons having a grand time with her Unsullied commander and Hand of the Queen!

The truth behind my warriors... the time when the boys were missing the rest of the boys. Girls had a camera. @michielhuisman our very own hunk of the month is never far from our thoughts

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And Lena Headey knew how to take the mickey out of her role

If anyone can laugh about sleeping with her brother on a tv show, it's Lena Headey.

Our favourite show, wouldn't be complete with such an amazing, diverse cast. We've been on a journey with them for the last 6 years. Definitely cannot wait to see the shenanigans they'll be up to filming season 7.

Who couldn't love such a wonderful cast? Which Game of Thrones actors do you think make ?

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