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Starring: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, John Legend, JK Simmons

Directed By: Damien Chazelle

"chicken on a stick"

To be completely honest id prefer that name over the one Ryan actually went with. LA LA LAND is about the two star crossed lovers who follows their dreams and follow their hearts.

I personally love this film but have no beef with musicals at all. But to say the obvious the cinematography is off the wall great filled with beautiful one takes and great excellent wide shots, just great as hell framing and composition, the performances while really good fail to be as great as the cinematography . Ryan is good and plays his character to a tee and as the story goes on their is more for his character to chew on then say in the beginning; overall id say his performance in NICE GUYS is superior and Emma being the best performance in the film is nicely supported by john legend and feeds off Ryan very well, this is probably her best performances sense EASY A. Really surprising enough john legend is actually good was a really pleasant surprise and of course JK Simmons (who had the least amount screen time) had one of the long lasting effects from this movie " i don't care if its Christmas get out"

One of the few things i saw to be problem(yes it has problems) in this film was the editing not that its bad but their is several moments where the words actually don't match up to what the characters are saying and that bothers me in anything in entertainment and that's not nitpicking that a legitimate flaw another, flaw i had with this film was the pacing in first act your thrust in this world and that can work very well see for example MAD MAX: FURY ROAD but in this it just thrusts you in and rushes the musical numbers i cant actually remember very much of the first twenty minutes of the film which is saying something seeing how i can remember the majority of this film very well, going off of that i thought the sound mix was below average especially when compared to 2013's WHIPLASH. Moments are either to loud or not loud enough sometimes the amateur qualities in the editing and sound mixing work and better the film almost adding like young aspiring director is helms this picture is charming as all hell.

All in all LA LA LAND is great movie with solid character growth and a solid relationship that blossoms and unfold naturally and feels real when our couple fight we feel like little kids that just want our parents to stop fighting and that's probably the best compliment you can give to a romance film. The best thing that could of been done is shave down ten fifteen minutes off the run time. Damien did it he made a musical feel real and grounded, great job bud

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