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Two new trailers dropped today, one for "Logan" and one for the new "Power Rangers" movie that I just don't care about. And while I recognize how fun it would be to write about the "Power Rangers" trailer and how bad it looks, it only makes more sense to talk about this trailer and how good it makes "Logan" look, so here we go.

Tonally speaking, this trailer does a good job of staying consistent with the tone of the first trailer. We all saw how gritty, somber, and dark the first trailer was, but I was slightly worried that it was just a fluke and that the movie itself would be completely different in terms of the tone. As it turns out, this movie looks every bit as grounded and character-driven as it's been advertised to be. I especially like the song that's playing. It's called "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo and it's a song that I listen to it quite often. Hearing it play in this trailer was just a nice personal pleasure of mine.

As far as the content of the trailer goes, we see much more of the story and how it revolves around this little girl that's tagging along with Wolverine and Xavier. This trailer absolutely confirms that the girl is indeed X-23 and that the plot will be her, Wolverine, and Xavier having to escort her safely from a nefarious group, possibly the Essex group that was hinted at in the post-credits scene of "X-Men: Apocalypse". Already, this little girl looks like a truly formidable and interesting character to stick next to someone like Wolverine. We can joke all day long about how these two pairing up can give off a vibe similar to that of "The Last of Us", but on its own it looks like an interesting journey that'll take place between the two of them.

Like with the first trailer, there are two versions of this footage that has been released, a green-band and a red-band. Similar to what was done with the first trailer, the only noticeable difference comes at the very end with an additional clip suited only for the red-band version. The first trailer had an extra shot of Wolverine stabbing a guy right through the head, this trailer has the addition of Xavier dropping an F-bomb like the badass old guy that he is, thus confirming that this will be the R-Rated Wolverine movie that we've all wanted to see for a long time.

In the end, "Logan" still very much so looks like a great sendoff to the Wolverine character and it looks like it has the potential to join the ranks of comic book movies that aren't just great comic adaptations, but great films in their own right. This is one of my most anticipated movies of 2017 for good reason, so let's hope that the actual movie can live up to the promising trailers.

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