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After well over a year of speculation as to what "Star Wars Episode VIII" would be called, it was officially announced today that the title would be "Star Wars: The Last Jedi". Yes, it is certainly just a title for a movie and I recognize that not much can be said in an article about one little movie title, but here's the thing: It's "Star Wars". Speculation runs rampant within the "Star Wars" community. Already this title has created a whole bunch of theories as to what it means and I guess I'm going to join in on that fun.

For me personally, the first person I think of when I hear "The Last Jedi" is Luke Skywalker. It only makes sense considering that he has been referred to that on several occasions in previous movies. Yoda called him that in "Return of the Jedi" and him being the last Jedi was his reputation in "The Force Awakens". I think the safe bet is that the title is referring to Luke and how he's going to have a much larger role in this movie, but the title could very well be referring to Rey.

It's almost certain that a key plot point in this movie will be Luke training Rey to be a Jedi. The title of "The Last Jedi" could definitely refer to Rey given that she becomes an actual Jedi by the end of the film. But by implication, that could also mean the end of Luke himself, assuming that the use of the word "Jedi" is singular and not plural. If plural, then this movie could be all about the relationship between Luke and Rey, or even multiple Jedi. Keep in mind that "The Force Awakens" makes mention of a new generation of Jedi trained by Luke, so they could absolutely have a significant role in the film.

Another key thing to factor into this is the new font color for "Star Wars". Instead of the traditional yellow font, we get a red font which in my mind is a sign that some dark shit is going down in this movie. The basic rule of thumb for movie trilogies is that the second installment ends up being the darker of the three movies. And like I alluded to earlier, Luke's death is a potential route that this movie could take, and that alone would make this a dark turn in the franchise. If this movie is going to be as dark as I think it is, then this new red font is a major indicator of that.

To sum things up, I really like this new title and I like the mystery behind it. We don't know much about who the last Jedi is or their role in the movie, but speculation is half the fun with movies like this. I was already beyond excited for this movie and it certainly seems redundant to say how much I'm looking forward to it, but with every piece of news for this film, I'm going to get even more excited, even if it's by just the tiniest amount.

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