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"Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" is a spin-off video game that's apart of the "Uncharted" video game franchise. Rather than featuring Nathan Drake as the protagonist, this game features two characters from previous games in the series, Chloe Frazer from "Uncharted 2" and "Uncharted 3", and Nadine Ross from "Uncharted 4". The two of them embark on a journey in India to obtain the Tusk of Ganesh, an ancient relic that's also sought after by an insurgent leader, Asav.

Despite my limited foray into video gaming in the past few years, I'm actually a big fan of the "Uncharted" games. As far as quality goes, the previous four games have ranged from very good to flat-out fantastic, so I'm obviously going to be interested in the idea of another addition to this franchise. Now we have yet another Nathan Drake adventure, thought Drake himself is nowhere to be found. It's centered around two supporting characters from the franchise and it ultimately follows the same formula as any other game in the series, so let's see how it holds up as its own game as well as an extended look into this universe.

To start off this review, I'm just going to state the obvious fact that this game looks incredible. Each game in this series has gotten consistently better in terms of graphical design and I honestly thought that this franchise had hit its peak with "Uncharted 4", but that's not the case. This game looks every bit as good if not better than its predecessor, what with the wide scenic shots of a landscape, the realistic movements of the characters, and the simple fact that it all looks like a movie. These games as they are can be seen as very cinematic and the graphics certainly play their part in making these games come off as playable movies more so than just video games.

The driving force behind this game is the chemistry between Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross. That's the relationship that'll either make or break the entire experience, but thankfully I found myself really invested in both of these characters. You learn more about both of their pasts without learning too much so that it ruins how you viewed them in previous games. They're both perfectly capable badass characters who have chips on their shoulders, but you also see the contrast in Nadine's more stoic, hardened personality compared to Chloe's free-spirited, almost nonchalant disposition. When you put these characters together, you simply get a very engaging and likable team up that keeps you invested in the game despite some of its weak story elements.

Since I just brought it up, I might as well delve into some of the game's flaws, the main one being the story. When it all comes down to things, this is an "Uncharted" game, so you can't expect anything super innovative in terms of the plot. It's a basic treasure hunt filled with puzzle-solving, bad guys, and an ancient relic that needs to be found before said bad guys. That's really all there is to it and it undeniably feels very formulaic. Granted, I'd rather the game keep things familiar and have it work rather than it trying too hard to be something new and fail spectacularly. Still, it doesn't change the fact that as I played this game, there was never anything about the story that shocked me or had me guessing as it progress. It's a very safe "Uncharted" campaign and I wish that there had been a few tweaks to make things feel less rehashed.

In terms of gameplay, this game surely has all of the familiar elements from previous games in this series. The climbing, grappling hook, and free style shooting all make a return and it's fun, there's no denying that. I honestly get a lot of joy from choosing the stealthy way of taking out bad guys as opposed to just going in guns blazing. The gameplay mechanics are all very familiar for anyone who's invested in this franchise, but this is one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" type of scenarios. The style of gameplay worked in the other games, so it only makes sense that the same style makes a return and manages to make the game wholly enjoyable.

I wish I could comment on this game's multiplayer, but I've personally never really gotten into online gaming. I don't have a legit online PSN account for my PlayStation 4, I just run with the basic log in account so that I can occasionally play a game's main campaign. I hear that these games have some entertaining multiplayer gameplay, but I can't comment on it simply for the fact that I haven't played it.

In the end, "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" is a fun game that entertained me and had me feeling like I had just played through a modern day Indiana Jones adventure, which is a success for what these games are going for. The story is very familiar and there's nothing truly innovative about the plot or gameplay, but the game knows this and it's not trying to be the next big thing for modern gaming. It was meant to be a simple expansion into the "Uncharted" universe featuring two great side characters and in that regard, it did its job in a satisfying way.

Rating: 7/10

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